Hey, everyone. Hope you’re all staying in and keeping safe. As someone who loves the outdoors, it’s been difficult for me but I’m doing my best to be active and excited, even from home.

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that this past month has been CRAZY. Normally, I’m not a fan of clichés but it seems to be the only accurate way to describe the year so far. Our entire team is working remotely but that hasn’t slowed us down. We’re still moving forward and working hard to make sure you have everything you need.

I’m happy to say that our product team is in better shape than ever and that we had a great quarter with all of our amazing users, despite the difficulties going on in the world right now.

Early last year, we partnered with Jumio to provide a seamless experience for user verification. At the beginning of the integration, our users had to try multiple times to pass verification for reasons like blurry ID pictures, not enough light in a selfie, or typos in the verification form. These kinds of issues, where a user wants to do something on Paxful but is not able to because of a messy experience, UI limitations, or a lack of tech experience, keep me up at night. I stay awake, constantly thinking about how to solve these problems with better, smarter solutions instead of blaming our customers. With many small and big improvements in the verification process, like removing almost all the fields from the ID form down to only asking for the type of ID and even adding helpful hints throughout the user journey on how to properly provide ID, our users are successfully verifying themselves on the first try three times more often!

We have also added Czech and Polish to our list of available languages, which brings our total up to 20 languages. After bitcoin.org, that’s the highest number of languages supported in the industry! We believe that even small changes make big differences and are happy that we’re constantly improving your Paxful experience.

Here’s a quick recap of other product updates you may have missed from the past month.

  • Wallet fees for all transactions under 20 USD have been reduced up to 5 times
  • Dark mode is now available for all Paxful users
  • Launch of the Paxful Peer Program website
  • Bitcoin price calculator for every fiat currency
  • Gold has been added as a payment method
  • Public user profile offers section improvement to give users a better understanding of who visits the profile page
  • Switched over from Intercom to Zendesk ticketing system for almost all users
  • Many improvements in onboarding, such as removing username from registration flow and asking security questions right after registration
  • Replaced Google ReCaptcha with Geetest (puzzle) captcha
  • Two-factor authentication SMS fallback to Authy
  • SELL MAX button on BUY type offer page
  • Users will receive a pop-up notification to refresh the offer page if the offer’s bitcoin market price or terms have been changed while they are reviewing the offer
  • Blocked users will now see offers of user who blocked them
  • Implemented a scroll bar in the trade chat for offer terms to make instructions for users more visible with lots of other cosmetic changes on the trade page
  • Added clearer warnings on trade start for new users
  • There is now a repeat trade button on trade page for trade initiator
  • Calculation of average release time is different for BUY (time between trade start and release bitcoin) and SELL (time between paid and release bitcoin) offers
  • We now show on every page a toast notification of active trades where a trade partner has written a new message
  • Moderator notifications moved to a separate notifications tab

Though some of these may seem like small changes, we’re always listening to you and seeing what can be done to make our platform better every day. No problem is ever too small to solve. Paxful is moving toward a much bigger ecosystem and Paxful as a Platform is evolving where any of you can seamlessly use Paxful for your day-to-day needs with more and more possibilities. Keep sharing your feedback with us and letting us know what you want to see on Paxful. I know it’s hard to believe but we listen to everything you say. You asked for dark mode and you got it. If you haven’t tried it out yet, scroll down to the bottom of our homepage and give it a go! It’s much easier on the eyes when you’re trading at night.

Until next time,

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