Hey, everyone. Artur here. How’s it going?

The weather is starting to get nice—it’s one of my favorite times of year. I know it’s tempting to make plans but I hope you’re all keeping safe and practicing social distancing. Personally, I like to take walks alone or go out for a quick bike ride when there are not too many people outside. The fresh air revitalizes me and helps me focus on what’s important.

What’s important to me? Product, of course! During these hectic times, our team has to be more vigilant than ever to make sure the platform is working for you. We know how many of our users rely on Paxful so it’s important to us that you don’t feel disconnected from our community in any way, even during lockdown.

It’s been a crazy year so far but that didn’t stop us from having another exciting month. Here’s a quick recap of some product updates from the past month that have made your Paxful experience even better.

  • We’ve successfully switched over to Zendesk for all support needs. This is a major change that’s going to drastically speed up the time it takes to handle disputes. You’re going to love it.
  • In response to the changing global economic conditions, we’ve raised margin limits and introduced a tiered system. Here’s more information about the new margin limits.
  • We’ve implemented webhooks for new trades and new trade messages. You can find it under your settings in the developer section.
  • For select users, we’ve rolled out a gift code check where gift card trading is chat-free and more streamlined. Message our support team if you want to be part of our very first group of users.
  • Verification for users now boasts a more seamless and improved experience. The process is only getting better and more efficient!
  • Our onboarding pages have been given a beautiful facelift. Be sure to check it out.
  • There’s now a better delivery of 2FA codes via Twilio Verify—a big boost to Paxful’s API.
  • Users in Finland can now add their bank accounts through their settings page.
  • If you’re an eagle-eyed user, you’ll notice that we’ve made a lot of visual improvements on the homepage, view offer page, public profile page, and on many other landing pages. See if you can spot all the changes! We’re making sure the user experience is slick, complete with sleeker visuals.

The hustle never sleeps and that’s why we make sure the product doesn’t either. Paxful was built for everyday use and being confined to our homes doesn’t change the need people have for it. We want to make even more possibilities for you and continue to open doors, ensuring the opportunities never end. Keep sharing your thoughts with us and telling us about how you’ve found ways to grind during this time. It keeps us motivated. Stay safe and take care of yourselves!

Until next time,

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