Summer is slowly coming to an end but our product is still sizzling hot. It’s no secret that our team has been rolling out a slew of new features and updates to keep our platform fresh. The world of crypto and digital payments is only growing and it is our job to make sure our customers are taken care of. August was another exciting month for the Paxful family. Here’s a quick roundup of some updates you might have missed.

An enhanced mobile app experience

With much pride and unbridled joy, we finally announced the official launch of our Paxful Wallet mobile app. Is it just us or do you hear cheering in your head too? Now, customers all over the world can carry the power of Paxful right in their pockets. You’ll also notice a simpler menu structure that’s easier to use. And you can bet that we’ll be continuously improving performance as time passes so let us know how you like it. If you haven’t already, download it today!

Even more improvements to our API

As we always like to say, the Paxful API is the bread and butter of our platform. It’s what allows you to move and make your money exactly how you want to. This month, you’ll find that we’ve added a few new additions including the option to add transaction notes after sending bitcoin, the inclusion of a trade partner’s carrier in addition to their country, the ability to order your list of preferred countries, and some improvements in communication.

A shiny new careers page

Ask anyone how they like working here at Paxful and you’ll get the same answer from everyone—we love it! For that exact reason, we wanted to show some long-overdue love to our Careers page. Now, we have some more information about the company, our different offices, and some of the things we’re most passionate about. Our goal was to create a space that’s full of vision and encouragement. And guess what? We’re hiring! Swing by and take a look at some of our open positions.

Affiliate dashboard upgrades

It’s important to us that your Affiliate dashboard gives you a comprehensive overview of your earnings and provides the right functions to help you make more money. There will now be new tabs that will help you monitor your current affiliates and aid you in generating new ones! Under the “My Affiliates” tab you’ll find a list of your tier 1 affiliates, when they joined, where they’re from, the date of their last trade, the number of affiliates they have (your tier 2 affiliates), and an earnings breakdown. On the “Dashboard” tab you can view your top-earning and new affiliates. Lastly, on the “Resources” tab, you can download banners, useful content (like blog posts), logos, and more that you can use to attract new affiliates. Stay tuned for the new improvements!

More awesome updates are on their way so be on the lookout and remember to follow us on social media for all the latest Paxful news!