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Buy Bitcoin on SnapEx via Paxful

08/06/2020 – How to Buy Bitcoin on SnapEx via Paxful

Joining us tonight is SnapEx Philippines to talk about how you can buy bitcoin using Paxful Virtual Kiosk right on SnapEx platform. We will also talk about how we can make money using SnapEx for leverage trading!

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Buy and Sell BTC on Paxful

07/23/2020 – How to Make Money Online: Buy and Sell BTC on Paxful

Are you looking for new ways to earn money while staying at home? Join us in our Youtube live session. Let’s talk about how you can maximize the opportunity to make money with BTC.

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How to Spot a Scammer Webinar

07/16/2020 – How to Spot a Scammer

The first step to spot a scammer is to understand how a perfect non-scammer trade should look like. Discover how the perfect vendor behaves during trade and its difference with potential scammers.

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Back to Basics - Paxful 101

06/25/2020 – Back to Basics: Paxful 101

What is bitcoin peer-to-peer trading and how to make money simply by buying and selling bitcoin? Join me on my webinar and let us discover a new way to turn your extra time into profit at the convenience of your home.

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Buy Bitcoin on Paxful via OKEx

06/18/2020 – A Guide: How to Buy Bitcoin on Paxful via OKEx

Exciting news! Paxful partners with one of the world’s leading one-stop crypto exchanges, OKEx! 🤝 In this session, we’ll guide you how you can easily buy bitcoin on Paxful through the OKEx platform.

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Buy Discounted Gift Cards with BTC

06/11/20 – Learn How to Buy Discounted Gaming Gift Cards with Bitcoin

Calling all gamers! Did you know that you can get extremely discounted gaming gift cards with bitcoin? Come and join us to learn more!

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Discovering New Payment Methods

05/20/20 – Discovering New Payment Methods

There are over 300 payment methods on Paxful, and we know that can get a little intimidating: Where to start? Which methods are popular? In this session, we’ll be tackling the essential payment methods on Paxful, giving you a starting point for your trading adventure!

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Make Money Online While Staying at Home

04/03/20 – Best Way to Make Money Online While Staying at Home

With the implemented lockdown in Metro Manila affecting everyone’s current financial stability, we need to explore new income-generating options online. Learn how to make money in the comfort of your own home.

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