We love hearing our users’ stories on their journeys through bitcoin. Raymond, one of our earliest joiners in the Peer Program, has become a very popular trader on our marketplace over the past two years and has offered his two cents on how you can do the same during an interview with us. Want to start having customers flow into your profile like Raymond does? Read on. 

Raymond, what do you do for a living? 

Trading bitcoin is actually my main job! I am a freelance designer on the side and also the founder of Flasual.com, a design and marketing agency. 

When and why did you start trading crypto? 

I started trading in late 2016 in Nigeria under the influence of my mentor, Professor Awe.

Bitcoin and blockchain technology are truly revolutionary. Bitcoin’s given birth to a lot of amazing innovations that are changing different sectors of the global economy, and given me and many people out there a passport to financial freedom.

Tell us about your journey on Paxful. What’s the key to earning a large amount of positive feedback? 

A friend of mine introduced me to Paxful in 2018 and I’ve been trading here ever since. The secret to building an enormous number of positive feedback and being a successful trader is easy: you gotta keep pushing. I’ve had a fair share of bad days, which is totally unavoidable in trading. My goal is not to be a perfect trader, but to improve on my success. I want to ensure that I’m gaining more than what I lose. You can’t be lazy either—you’ve gotta put in the time and the work! 

When and why did you join the Paxful Peer Program? 

I learned about the program through a Paxful email in late 2019. I’m one of the earliest people to apply because I loved the idea of this program! As a Peer, I have the privilege to share my two cents with other crypto enthusiasts. It can be challenging sometimes to keep up with my Peer responsibilities, but the experience is rewarding overall.

What are your main responsibilities as a Peer? 

My main responsibility is to educate people about bitcoin and how the industry works. Besides that, I also onboard new users that have opted in to start their trading journey with me.