A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Paxful welcomes and values new users just as much as we do old-timers, but we love celebrating with our customers for their milestones. One of our proud Peers from Panama, Liza88, just completed his 1,500th trade on Paxful, and he can’t wait to share with all of you about his journey in crypto and on Paxful.

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Our proud Peer liza88 has more than 600 trade partners, a 1,350 positive feedback score, and is trusted by more than 260 people as of March 2020 — astonishing numbers considering that he joined Paxful only 6 months ago!

What got Liza88 into crypto


Liza88 started trading on Paxful, but he was actually introduced to cryptocurrencies back in 2016 when mining crypto was booming.

“I first read something about it in a newspaper and it got my attention right away. After that, I did some research because I wanted to get involved and I bought myself some graphic cards (GPUs) and started mining Ethereum.”

A couple years later, one of Liza88’s best friends started buying gift cards on Paxful and introduced him to us. Trading bitcoin on Paxful started out as a hobby for Liza88, but now he trades full time every single day of the week!

How you should go about trading bitcoin

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Liza88 is a firm believer that anyone and everyone can start a P2P bitcoin business on Paxful. He’s mostly impressed that Paxful has “all the tools to make it work…at the reach of your hand.”

However, like any kind of investment that involves money, there’s always a risk, but Liza88 thinks that it’s safe to trade cryptocurrencies on Paxful as long as you keep a couple things in mind.

“Like with almost every trading platform out there, it is safe as long as you do your homework before you trade. And by doing “homework,” I mean taking every cautionary step you can.

Paxful is a P2P platform where thousands of new users register every day and that is awesome because it means each day there are many new trading opportunities. As long as you follow Paxful’s guidelines for trading, you will be safe.”

Liza88 has completed more than 1,500 trades now, and can’t help but stress the importance of becoming ID-verified.

“To beginners who want to sell bitcoin as a regular activity, I would advise them to run an entire verification process on each buyer to make sure they are selling bitcoin to the right person.

If someone wants to make a one-time sale to ‘cash’ some of their bitcoin, I would advise them not to look for the offer that has the best margin, but for the buyer that has the best feedback score. Sometimes it is much better to sell lower or buy higher, knowing that you are trading with a fully verified Paxful member.”

We wholeheartedly agree with Liza88 that getting ID-verified is one of the best ways to navigate offers on Paxful. Do you feel more confident trading with verified traders? Let us know in the comments below! 

If you haven’t already, get your ID verified now!

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