Since the launch of our very own Paxful Peer Program last year, we received hundreds of applications and have quickly gathered our first battalion of Peers. This group of Peers will be the first community leaders within the crypto community, introducing financial freedom to many others and enhancing the crypto knowledge of existing Paxful traders.

Early birds always get the worm. Within the first weeks of onboarding, bluudz a Power Trader form New Zealand with a nearly 3,000 positive reputation score and 2,000 trade partners on the Paxful Marketplace at the time this article was written — is inviting aspiring bitcoin brokers into his warm embrace. He’s been trading bitcoin using various platforms for the last seven years, and with Paxful since its inception in 2015. The $15 worth of BTC he offers as a welcome gift is surely appealing to potential new brokers, but bluudz offers way more than that. 

Bluudz is a mentor and successful broker 

To bluudz, mentorship is not just about checking in with your mentees once in a while; he goes above and beyond. For every new bitcoin broker that signs up and trades using bluudz’s referral link, he provides exclusive access to a private Telegram discussion group, video content with detailed explanation of trading strategies, an international scammers database, and advice about safe trading practices and operational security. It’s a premium package! 

But nothing comes without hard work. Bluudz doesn’t sugarcoat the initial painstaking learning process and tells his future brokers frankly about the qualities they need to be successful. 

“Patience and perseverance! Eagerness to learn new things and to be your own boss. Willingness to take a hit or two from time to time. As with any other business, [trading] will not make you rich overnight and it will take effort, but if you want to be free to work as you want, it’s certainly worth it!”

The ups and downs of being a P2P vendor

Freedom and the ability to work from the comfort of one’s home seem to be the main perks of bitcoin trading to many vendors. And bluudz thinks similarly! To him, the “freedom to work when [he] wants to … from any place on the planet” and the ability to “make money from [his] own living room” are great benefits. Another driver for his vendor journey is the knowledge he has gained regarding crypto currencies and legacy fiat payment systems. Who doesn’t want to be free like a bird and knowledgeable? 

However, P2P trading isn’t always smooth sailing. With seven years of bitcoin trading under his belt, bluudz explains the hardships of this business.

Sending bitcoin

“You are on your own! You are operating on the front line between the old and the new world and there are not many allies, laws, or support. The banks will close your bank accounts if they realize [that you’re trading bitcoin], scammers will do their best to get some free coins from you, governments will be making sure you report your income as you should. Some days will be hard; this is not a business for everyone.”

That said, bluudz makes sure that the broker novices he brings in are confident with P2P trading as he promises to be “at [their] hand to guide and support [them].”

It is to our delight that our Peers are proactively taking the initiative to introduce P2P financial freedom to those who haven’t been introduced to bitcoin trading yet. The Paxful Team sincerely hopes that bluudz will be able to gather his own army of new affiliates soon!

Register using his referral link.

For those of you who want to be a leader like bluudz, submit your application today to join the Peer Program.