Looking to lead your community into the future of finance? Are you ready to dedicate yourself to support Paxful? We’ve got the right program for you. 

What is the Paxful Peer Program?

The Paxful Peer Program is an international entrepreneurship program that allows users to become leaders of their community and earn Bitcoin the way. By offering ground support, providing marketing efforts, and planning social events, members of the Paxful Peer Program can become crypto influencers and earn BTC as they bring in more users to the platform. 

There are three levels to the program: Peer, Ambassador, and Associate.

Each level comes with more benefits than the last, so as you meet the requirements of each level, you’ll get rewarded and promoted to the next level. 

What are the benefits and requirements for each level?

Level 1: Paxful Peer

To become a Peer, you need to sign seven (7) verified affiliates, promote Paxful on your socials, and ramp up your trading volume. Your job is to spread the word of Paxful to as many other crypto enthusiasts as possible. You’ll also have to know enough about trading to teach the process to your audience. 

Here are all the perks of being a Peer:

  • Earn 5 USD worth of BTC for every new ID-verified affiliate (a user that signs up using your affiliate link) that completes at least one trade
  • Earn a percentage of the escrow fee every time your affiliates buy Bitcoin
  • Paxful-branded merchandise for you and those you bring on board
  • A shiny new badge on your profile that lets people know you’re a trusted trader
  • A chance to have your buy or sell offers promoted to the users in your region
  • A chance to be featured on the Paxful blog and social media channels
  • Surprise bonuses to thank you for all your hard work

Level 2: Paxful Ambassador

To become an Ambassador, your account needs to be fully verified and you need to sign at least 20 affiliates. You also need to have a healthy trading volume and have a working knowledge of how Paxful works. 

Here are all the perks of being an Ambassador:

  • All the benefits of being a Peer
  • A new Ambassador badge for your profile
  • A dedicated account manager
  • A chance to try out new Paxful products and features first

Level 3: Paxful Associate

Associate is the highest rank of the Peer Program. As an Associate, you’re considered to be an experienced mentor and an expert of the Paxful platform. To be an Associate, you need to sign at least 100 affiliates

Here are all the perks of being an Associate:

  • All the benefits of being a Peer and Ambassador
  • A new Associate badge for your profile
  • 150 USD worth of BTC every month*

*Associates only get 150 USD in BTC every month if the Associate brings in considerable revenue and/or trading volume per quarter. Either affiliates’ trading volume per quarter should be at least 50,000 USD or affiliates’ revenue per quarter should be at least 2,000 USD. 

How to apply for the Peer Program

Interested in joining the Paxful Peer Program? All you need to do is fill out the application form. If your application is selected, we’ll contact you within two weeks to schedule a short interview. After passing the video interview, you’ll officially become a Paxful Peer.