The Paxful family is excited to announce a new partnership with blockchain software company CoinLogiq. Based in Medellin, Colombia, CoinLogiq is committed to providing the right tools and resources that will help people access digital currencies in a safe and easy way. They’ve joined hands with us fully intending to address the issues surrounding remittance in the region.

Since launching in 2017, CoinLogiq has been building bridges and pushing boundaries. Their services include digital currency ATM machines, POS systems, and remittance software called LogiqPay. Starting on June 17, a total of 45 CoinLogiq ATMs branded with Paxful’s logos will become available for use throughout Colombia and Peru. In addition, the Paxful Kiosk will be integrated into each ATM, giving customers the ability to buy bitcoin on Paxful using the hundreds of payment methods available.

“Latin America has real heroes in the CoinLogiq crew. They really care and are focused on real use cases. This is what makes bitcoin real and a part of people’s daily lives. We are proud to work with them,” said Ray, CEO of Paxful.

“I am now even more convinced that mass adoption will not happen without the influence of the kind of synergy that can now exist as a result of this Paxful/CoinLogiq joint venture. We are both hopeful that our work together will encourage many more such relationships for other global leaders within the crypto community,” said CoinLogiq CEO, Dwayne Golden Sr.

The peer-to-peer finance revolution continues to mature in Latin America and Paxful is proud to partner with honest, hardworking companies like CoinLogiq who share in our vision. If you have any questions regarding this partnership or anything else, don’t hesitate to reach out via our live chat feature.