First of all, we thank all the participants who took the time to be part of this knowledge-sharing event. Without your enthusiasm for change, Paxful would have never seen this vision of changing the way we spend and see money!

Blocknight, for lack of a better word, was fantastic. A lot of people took it to their hearts and minds to share and learn useful information and make the cryptocurrency ecosystem in Nigeria flourish. Again, we thank you all for keeping the fire aflame and introducing this revolutionary financial system to the people who need them the most.

There were a lot of things we covered on Blocknight. One of the highlights of the night was the interactive sessions. Attendees, users, and vendors had their chance to ask questions about Paxful’s plans for the future, the marketplace, and the whole process of the platform. This is why Paxful holds these kinds of events so that we can learn from each other, teach one another what we need to do better to make this P2P Revolution work for each and every one.

The blockchain ecosystem in Nigeria

The blockchain ecosystem in Nigeria is rapidly growing. Paxful aims to support this growth by spreading the word for Paxful’s #P2PFinance Revolution.  One way you can keep informed is by following our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) for more events powered by Paxful in the area. Blocknight will be coming back later this year, 2018, and there are a lot more events planned out so that we can keep the African region well informed when it comes to the innovation that the cryptocurrency industry can offer.

Paxful is continuously learning from our users especially Nigerians. That’s why we developed a guide to make money in Nigeria. We listen and think of ways to make your transactions as smooth and as profitable as possible. Only we can work together to make this platform better than it was yesterday. The events that we hold are one way to keep the information glow rolling. The cryptocurrency industry is very dynamic and it changes fast, Paxful is here to keep you in the know.

Aside from events that inform the blockchain community around Africa, the second school of Paxful’s #BuiltWithBitcoin initiative is on its way. How exciting is that? We are truly grateful to our partner ZamZam Waters for making this project possible. With the help of bitcoin, a lot of students in Rwanda will get to have classrooms where they can learn things that can eventually change the way they see life. Read more about this amazing project here: School #2 by #BuiltWithBitcoin

See you all at other events that Paxful has to offer! Stay tuned for more Paxful Blog posts and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for more crypto and Paxful news!