Meet Jai_Mata_Di, one of Paxful’s most prolific South Asian traders, doing business as TradeX. Trading since 20XX, JMD has built a longstanding reputation with South Asians and beyond for their fair, fast, and consistent trading activity. Though only a part-time trader and cryptocurrency enthusiast, Jai_Mata_Di is a regular on Paxful’s Club PXF list, our private community for top P2P traders.

Read on to learn about JMD’s journey into digital assets, and the on-the-ground reality of cryptocurrency adoption in Asia:

Tell us about your username, how did you pick it and what does it mean?

Though my business is called TradeX, I chose my username “jai mata di” to connect to my personal faith. It translates to “Hail Mother Goddess”! It’s a dedication to all of the important deities like Laxmi and Kali in my religion.

How did you first encounter Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies?

I actually first encountered cryptocurrencies back in 2022 via Paxful. I quickly got interested in Bitcoin and decided to invest both my time and money into learning about digital assets and the business opportunities they present.

How has your perspective on digital assets changed since that time?

At first, I thought of cryptocurrencies as simply a “save and grow” asset, mainly to protect my money or speculate on the future value of Bitcoin. As time went on and I saw how people used Bitcoin both online and in-person, I gradually realized its impact and potential is much greater than just a store of value – so I decided to make it a big part of my life and work!

What benefits draw you to peer-to-peer vs other types of crypto marketplaces?

When I look at other platforms, I see most exchanges sacrificing so much user choice to make trading just a little simpler. I love peer-to-peer trading because it presents me with nearly endless options and prices for how to buy a given asset, but also because I can set or find terms that work for me on every deal. No exchange has ever made that possible before.

How would you describe the role cryptocurrency plays in the country in which you live, and/or in the market you serve. How do you see that changing with time?

Cryptocurrencies are a game-changer for South Asia, with the on-the-ground demand in the region is both large and growing. While individuals earlier in the adoption curve are still getting used to the asset class, some communities in my home country are anywhere between well aware to downright obsessed with cryptocurrencies – and many people I know are already holding some Sats or other cryptoassets. In my observation, P2P is a key way people are getting familiar with digital assets.

What are the paint points in your local traditional financial system? How do Paxful and the use of cryptocurrency address those?

The single biggest impediment to broader cryptocurrency adoption in South Asia is accesss – firstly in terms of on-ramps to be able to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at all; and secondly, in being able to afford a purchase, including all appliccable fees.

With Paxful, my colleagues and I have always been able to find fast, simple, and easy avenues to buy assets we believe in, or to move money and make payments for goods or services. Best of all, with Paxful I’ve found it easy to invest small amounts to get comfortable, and also to find opportunities to make take-home profits distinct from pure speculation on a given cryptocurrency.

What do you love most about Paxful? Where can we continue to improve?

The simplicity of the app and the wealth of educational resources Paxful offers are second to none, such that even a true beginner with zero knowledge will quickly get used to doing well on the marketplace.

While using Paxful, it’s important to know peer-to-peer transactions carry some inherent risk, but Paxful’s escrow, reputation system, and dispute resolution all make things much safer. That said, I do get impatient when I have an emergency support request, though Club PXF support has helped.

What advice do you have for other traders wanting to grow their own businesses?

Good things take time, and great things take even longer. For those that educate themselves and consistently put the work in, I truly believe you’ll achieve what you want with the help of Paxful!