With thousands of offers circulating on our marketplace every minute of the day, we understand you may be spending more time than necessary to look for one that suits your needs. But that’s about to change with our new filters for offers! 

Find offers faster

With our new feature, you’ll see a new widget on the left, allowing you to filter both buy and sell offers by three criteria: popular payment methods, minimum and maximum trade limits, and offer tags

filters in offer listings

Check the boxes that match your needs and the list of offers on the right will be immediately trimmed down to reflect your preferences. Only want to see offers that require an e-code? Check. Interested in offers for less than 30 USD? Check. Just looking for bank transfer offers? Check. There’s no longer a need to scroll through hundreds (or even thousands) offers to find the one.

The filtered offers you see will be tailor-made for you. Who wouldn’t enjoy a little more uniqueness? Give this new feature a try and let us know what you think about it.