Looking to level up your business trading experience and get that shiny Corporate account badge for your profile? You’re in luck. We’ve updated the process to make registering for one easier than ever.

Benefits of the badge

Aside from the badge you get on the platform, there are a couple of other benefits to take note of. 

First, if your application gets accepted, you’ll be able to trade up to 100,000 USD worth of crypto in one go—as long as you get the go-signal from our compliance team. 

Additionally, you’ll have the option of managing two accounts: the corporate account and an additional personal account.

Applying for a corporate account

Before you head off to the races, there are a couple of requirements you’ll need to consider: 

  • Your username, email, phone number, ID, and address need to be verified
  • Your organization must be a registered legal entity
  • Be ready to provide documentation showing proof of incorporation
  • You must provide a shareholder registry with the names and passport details of all people who own at least 10% of the business
  • If you’re planning to delegate the management of your corporate account to someone who isn’t a registered owner, be ready to provide us with their name, title, and passport details
  • You must have documentation disclosing the origin of the company’s funds
  • For cryptocurrency or high-risk businesses, we require Enhanced Due Diligence*

*Enhanced Due Diligence includes answering additional information about your compliance practices and providing a copy of your AML policy.

As soon as you get your email, phone number, ID, and address verified, you can apply for a corporate account through the Account page. Once you’ve provided all the required documents, give us a little time to review them. The process can take up to seven business days, but sometimes it can take a little longer, so please be patient. 

If your application gets accepted, we’ll send you a confirmation email and add the Corporate account badge to your profile.

Any questions?

We’ve made the process a lot simpler, but it’s understandable if you have questions. If you do, feel free to reach out and contact us. For more information on all things Paxful, check out our knowledge base articles

Good luck!