For some of our most dedicated users, crypto is more than just a digital currency—it’s a lifestyle. Through the Paxful Peer Program, users are given the chance to become community leaders, earn additional income, unlock exclusive benefits, and grow their networks.

We recently caught up with three of our users from Colombia, Panama, and Argentina to hear about their exciting journeys as Paxful Peers.

Santiago, Colombia

Santiago has been a Paxful Peer since March 2020 who discovered the Peer Program through the Paxful Latin America Telegram Community. He was captured by the program’s mission to create a global community that makes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies available for everyone.

“I want to help people get into the crypto world by helping newbies in trading on Paxful—that’s my mission.”

Paxful Peer - Santiago

Aside from helping others discover crypto, Santiago was also able to unlock thrilling benefits like VIP customer support and exclusive offers. In addition, the Peer badge on his profile helps him take his trades to a whole new level.

“I make around 300 USD monthly with the Peer Program alone. Being a Peer and having a badge boosts my credibility as a trader. New users on the platform are now more confident to trade with me.”

Santiago is just one of many Peers taking part in a game-changing mission to build a financially inclusive world while also making money. It’s the best of both worlds.

Agustín, Panamá

For Agustin, being a Peer adds a lot of value to his trading adventure. Like Santiago, he also enjoys being highlighted as a trusted user and having direct communication with “the people who make Paxful happen.”

He’s very much aware that many people are still skeptical about Bitcoin and its potential but sees this challenge as an opportunity to spread the word about the powerful uses of BTC and other cryptocurrencies.

Paxful Peer - Agustin

“It is our job as Peers to educate these people and teach them what benefits crypto can bring them and how they can buy their first fraction of Bitcoin on Paxful.”

For Agustin, being part of a passionate and global network was one of the main reasons for wanting to join the program.

“The idea of joining the team and being considered as part of the Paxful family is what motivated me the most. Everyone in the program is willing to help each other and that is priceless.” 

Now that’s what we call teamwork.

José, Argentina

If you’re interested in growing a crypto business, you can learn from José, who will tell you how some members of the Peer Program have reached an Associate level in just three months.

“It’s very simple: sign up 21 to 100 or more verified referrals who will trade on Paxful. When you reach the Associate level, the highest rank in the program, you’ll start to receive a monthly payout of $150 in BTC.”

Paxful Peer - Jose

When José launched his crypto business, he started with just a few bucks.

“I started this business with only 10 USD. It wasn’t simple at first, but to build a business, you need to invest at least one of the two variables: money or time.”

With just $10, he began his crypto journey on Paxful. His hard work eventually helped him reach the highest level of the Peer Program and earn a steady income.

“Currently, I am earning more than $300 in BTC every month. I’m enjoying my time, building a community, playing with my children, and learning from those who know the best.”

What makes José’s Peer journey even more rewarding is the exclusive benefits he has access to thanks to the program.

“Paxful rewards you for your work. They give you incentives, support you, consider every suggestion you have, and train you via exclusive webinars.”

What’s your Paxful Peer story?

Are you making the most of the opportunities on Paxful like Santiago, Agustin, and José? Earn more money by bringing new users to the platform, attracting traders with your peer badge, and introducing the remarkable applications of cryptocurrencies to the world.

Join the Paxful Peer Program today and take your trading to the next level!