We’re excited to announce a collaboration with La Librería de Satoshi, the first Bitcoin Educational Hub for Spanish Speakers to support programmers and developers in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). This is the first program of its kind in the region and we’ll be making the donation alongside the Built With Bitcoin Foundation. 

Three-quarters of the donation will be allocated to English and Coding online classes for La Librería de Satoshi’s top-performing students to help them prepare for future employment opportunities within the industry. The English and coding classes will be hosted on Platzi, the largest professional tech school in the Spanish-speaking world, specializing in technology in Latin America. Nearly all classes and workshops will be held online to expand access to anyone across the region. 

During the program, developers can join a series of online seminars, workshops, masterclasses, and boot camps taught by experienced teachers within the Bitcoin and Lightning Network industry. The top performing students will be selected quarterly and will have access to the Platzi platform for three months. The first round of scholarships will be awarded in October. 

The remaining quarter of the donation will support the translation and peer review of two technical books focused on Bitcoin education and reward volunteers interested in translating Bitcoin content from English to Spanish. 

Renata Rodrigues, Global Community and Education Lead at Paxful said: “Bitcoin is one of the world’s most powerful tools for financial freedom, and in places like Latin America, it is paving the way to greater economic opportunity. Programs like La Librería de Satoshi are building a stronger ecosystem of developers and coders who are crucial to the future of Bitcoin in Latin America and the Caribbean. In order to reach mass adoption, Bitcoin needs to be shaped by the people and regions where it can have the most impact—this includes Latin America. We’re excited to be a part of a program committed to deepening the skills of the next generation while being a global model for inclusive Bitcoin education.”

Dulce Villarreal, Core Contributor of La Librería de Satoshi, said: “Bitcoin is the most revolutionary financial innovation in centuries. It’s a crucial tool for freedom and financial inclusion, especially in developing countries where we have a long history of corruption, dictatorships, and unstable economies. Having Bitcoin Core and Lightning developers from Latin America and the Caribbean will be life-changing and will encourage our communities to create innovative solutions to the problems that plagued our region for so long. I believe Bitcoin Education can make the difference in our communities.” 
Those interested in taking part in programs from La Librería de Satoshi can contact [email protected] or on its website https://libreriadesatoshi.com.