Notifications are a useful tool for avid traders. It’s how we stay on top of what’s happening on our accounts. Until now, the only options were through email, the Paxful website, the mobile app, and in some countries, SMS.

To make things even easier for our users and expand the roster of options, we’ve added Telegram to that list!

Introducing: Paxful Telegram Bot

The Paxful Telegram Bot is a new feature we’ve added that allows you to conveniently receive notifications through Telegram.

To enable Telegram notifications, activate the feature by clicking on “Activate” under the Telegram logo, and then do the same on your Telegram app by copying the link or clicking “Open on Telegram.” Once all of that is taken care of, you’ll be able to select which notifications you want to receive. And if you ever decide you no longer want to use the bot, it’s just as easy to deactivate—just click on “Stop” under the Telegram logo.

Our crypto trading bot is perfect for users who prefer the convenience of instant messaging over your run-of-the-mill notifications. However, the mobile app is still recommended, as it provides a more accurate notification system and has the same functionality as the web version.

There’s no time like the present—try out the Paxful Telegram Bot today!

Learn more about managing Telegram notifications