Adding payment methods isn’t the only way we’re making trading easier for our users. We’re excited to finally introduce Paxful’s Dark Theme—perfect for trading in the dark!

Screenshot of Paxful dark theme mode

What is Dark Theme?

Normally, Paxful’s color scheme consists of bright colors—purple, white, and blue. These elements of Paxful’s signature theme makes way for the black text scattered all over the webpage. 

In comparison, the Dark Theme feature allows users to invert the colors and work on a white-on-black interface instead. 

Why use it?

There are three main reasons why you should consider switching over to the Dark Theme.

The first is that it doesn’t cause as much eye strain and headaches—especially if you’re working in a dark environment. We’re sure that everyone can relate to being in a dark room and turning on your bright phone—it’s blinding and it hurts. Dark room, dark screen, no pain!

Second, if you’re trading on a smartphone, using the dark theme can save battery life. Projecting white screens often takes up more energy, while black OLED pixels draw much less power.

Finally, it looks great. Not only is it easier on the eyes, we made sure that it works as eye candy as well. The sleek black background works incredibly well with the white text, along with the blue and purple highlights.

How can I activate it?

Have we caught your interest? Great! To activate the Dark Theme, head over to the Paxful website and scroll down near to the bottom of the page! You should see it right beside the language drop-down.

Paxful dark theme activation

So what are you waiting for? Activate Paxful’s Dark Theme now and experience a new, sleeker side of our platform!