If you’ve been around the crypto sphere for quite some time now, you’re probably a member of a community or maybe even many. But if you’re new to the Fintech industry, you might be wondering what these groups are and what’s going on inside.

To help you have a better understanding of it, let’s discuss what a crypto community is, why it is essential in the fintech space, and why you should join some.

Cryptocurrency communities in a nutshell

A community is referred to as being a social group of any size, sharing common characteristics or interests. The same idea and context applies to crypto and blockchain technology groups where members share the same interests, ideas, and love for cryptocurrencies like bitcoin (BTC) and thousands of others.

Crypto communities are usually present on social networking platforms such as Telegram, Viber, Slack, and Discord, among others. 

How crypto communities make a difference   

Let’s take a look at the following benefits of joining online groups that focus on cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Building trust and a sense of inclusivity

Joining a crypto community doesn’t only make someone a member or give a person a sense of belongingness or inclusivity. It also brings a sense of ownership of what the group is about or what it promotes.

If you’re a part of a crypto group, in whichever social media platform it may be, you may have noticed that there’s a variety of people you’re communicating with. There may be newbies, exchange platform owners, traders, and investors, to name a few.

Providing an effective platform for communication

The fintech industry is continuously evolving and the very complex world of cryptocurrencies can be overwhelming at first. Through communities, people with the same interests can exchange their ideas and knowledge with members from different parts of the world.

For crypto exchanges and marketplaces, having an online community helps them be easily accessible to their users and clients. They can efficiently respond to any possible queries with a hired moderator, who answers every question concerning their services.

Opening vast opportunities of earning money

People join communities because they want to learn something. They may be curious about a specific cryptocurrency, a platform or an exchange, and products or services, to name a few. Whatever the reason may be, there’s a possibility that these people will eventually use cryptocurrency in one way or another.

Another way of utilizing the potentials of online communities is by organizing meetups. This is an excellent approach that was also carried out by Paxful when CEO Ray Youssef discussed bitcoin’s use cases in the Blockchain Consensus Meetup in Hong Kong.

As more and more people join online crypto groups, there will also be more opportunities for extending network connections and possible peer engagements.

Facilitating communal support and engagement

Many changes are happening in the crypto space and these developments are endless. This is why most exchanges utilize communities to announce product developments and launches, and respond to any possible concerns.

A crypto community is not only for getting in touch for technical support but also for open communication where anyone can share their expertise and establish connections with their peers. A highly engaged online group can also potentially boost a company’s potential to increase its userbase further.

Reshaping customer experience

Imagine having your feedback and suggestions being heard and acknowledged right away—this is an excellent example of a great customer service that translates to a five-star customer experience.

Online community members are diverse—they have varying backgrounds and experiences, which can be considered in making your next product or marketing techniques and approaches. By being visible in online communities and continuously engaging with the members, fintech companies can create meaningful and lasting professional relationships with their users.

Why you should join crypto communities

Cryptocurrency communities have a lot of remarkable things to offer. Let’s take today’s dominant cryptocurrency as an example—bitcoin. The growing number of its groups has contributed significantly to the development and adoption of this ingenious technology.

For marketplaces and exchanges, building a community will never be a bad idea when governed and run properly. If you’re a crypto aficionado, joining a bitcoin community or of whatever currency can give you a proper idea about how things work and help you find great trading opportunities.

Paxful strives to be open and available wherever our customers may be so we’ve set up both global and regional channels for our users to interact, make friends, and share tips and tricks to improve their business on Paxful!

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Start scouting for crypto communities relevant for you and explore and grab every possible opportunity today!