If you’re facing an issue with Paxful, whether it be logging in or with the release of your Bitcoin, what do you do? We’ve got a few ways for you to submit a ticket to our customer support team.

Through Paxbot

PaxBot is our automated assistant that you can find on our website on the bottom right of the screen (it’s the purple circle with a white speech bubble inside).


This is the most convenient option for most users since it’s the most readily available. To submit a ticket through PaxBot, simply type in your concern while you’re logged in. Do keep in mind though that messages to PaxBot will have to be in English.

After creating a support ticket using PaxBot, you will receive an email from [email protected]. Remember to check the support email that you receive. It should only come from [email protected].

Please note that any concerns sent to [email protected] will be received but will not be used for replies to our users. Use PaxBot instead to receive instant updates.

Through our official social media accounts

The Paxful community is always ready to assist. You can send us an inquiry through any of our official social media accounts, should you have any. That said, we should emphasize that submitting a support ticket through PaxBot is still the best option, especially for urgent concerns.

You can also receive updates from us through the official social media channels.

How we can help you

Remember, the Paxful customer support team is always here to help. Our users’ experience on our platform is a top priority and we would love it if you reached out and let us know if you have questions or concerns about:

  • The marketplace
  • Our products (Earn, Paxful Wallet, app, etc.)
  • Disputes
  • Your Paxful account

Spotting fake Paxful customer support accounts

Unfortunately, more than a few people (or groups) have been trying to contact our users through fake social media accounts and support emails. Let’s take a look at some examples and point out the red flags on each one so you can learn what it looks like. 

*Take note that all the malicious accounts you are about to see here are no longer active and have already been dealt with.

Fake Instagram accounts

Instagram is a popular platform for Bitcoin enthusiasts, which means that malicious individuals lurk around trying to phish our users’ accounts. This account, for example, has tried imitating our official account by copying our latest posts.

Like we said, telling them apart is simple enough if you give it even the slightest amount of scrutiny. The name of the account has been written with wrong grammar, something that our team would have checked before confirming the account—that’s red flag #1.

In this follow-up image, we can see how this account has initiated a chat with a potential customer and told them that they’ve won a giveaway. 

First off, the informality of the initial message is a big red flag. Second, any giveaways managed by Paxful should have been announced through our emails, our social media accounts, or Paxful University. Lastly, the way the message has been written is sloppy (Paxful isn’t even capitalized). Take these into consideration anytime you receive a message from any Instagram account claiming to be Paxful. 

Fake Facebook accounts

Facebook is another social media platform that can be rife with bad actors. This account, calling itself Paxful App, has just declared a user a winner of a bonus of 0.25 BTC, all they need to do is to click a shortened link. 

In this situation, we can see how the message was badly crafted. Formatting is all off, which can imply that the user behind this account simply copied the text off of a different application. Another red flag here is the phrasing of the message—the syntax and grammar aren’t consistent with the rest of our social media content. Also, keep in mind that we will never urge users to click on suspicious links, so remember never to do so.

In a similar case, this account claiming to be Paxful (note the accent on the letter “u”) is announcing a call for donations. First off, the call was done through a comment on Facebook. Plus, Paxful would only ever encourage donations, never ask for them, and a Facebook comment is the last place we would be announcing it at. Similar to all the other previously mentioned red flags, the phrasing of the content of this comment is also very sketchy. Capitalization of proper nouns isn’t respected, formatting is messy, and the excessive use of emojis and spacing all contribute to an incredibly informal message. 

Fake Twitter account

Twitter is another platform where fraud accounts can linger. In this case, an account under the name of @Paxfuly (take note of that extra “y”) has just given a user an email to contact. If you consult the list of official email addresses we provided earlier, you’ll notice that the one stated in this tweet isn’t included. 

This is a common strategy used by phishing scams, and not just for Paxful users. This is why it’s important to know which emails are official so that we can avoid getting into situations where our account details are stolen. 

Fake Paxful Support email

Speaking of emails, it’s still possible to be scammed through fraudulent emails sent directly to your inboxes. Take the photo above—in this situation, an email was sent to a user who had actually submitted a ticket, a clever tactic used by phishing scams.

Picking these out is simple enough, though, as long as we took note of Paxful’s official email addresses. This email was sent by [email protected], not included in our official list. Another red flag is the fact that they used a copied photo of our logo for each of their mentions of the company’s name. Again, grammar and syntax are an issue with the content of the email, so make sure to read through the content properly, at least to see for yourself the credibility of the email. 

Similarly, the above photo shows a similar scheme. Here, the scamming party is trying to tempt the user by blinding them with promises of a 20,000 USD award, so long as the user first deposits 600 USD. This is an old strategy used in the earlier days of the Internet, one that has been adapted to Bitcoin. Again, the email address behind this message isn’t included in our list of official email addresses. 

We’re ready to help

Trading on Paxful is as easy as it gets—trade with anyone across the globe with ease, and quickly. Even with all those benefits, though, there will come a time when a user faces a situation that may be a little confusing. 

Here at Paxful, our customer support team is always ready to help. As we mentioned before, be it for a simple inquiry or an urgent issue, we would love to hear from our users through any of our official channels.