Tuition, laptops, textbooks, and accommodations are just some of the major expenses an average college student has to worry about. While taking part-time jobs is ideal for some students, this option isn’t fit for those who have tight and busy schedules.

Luckily, these seven students found perfect ways to earn extra cash on Paxful in their spare time and in the comfort of their homes. If you’re a student who doesn’t want to see your wallet deflated again, you’ve come to the right place!

Here are four simple ways on how to make money as a student on Paxful, as told by some of our awesome Peers.

1. Buy and sell bitcoin

Bitcoin trading can be intimidating at first, just like joining a class for the first time during your freshman year. But as you keep at it, you’ll soon realize that it’s not hard at all.

Take it from Kevin, a 22-year-old, business information technology student from Kenya. “I joined Paxful around nine months ago. At first, I was overwhelmed because I wasn’t that familiar with the platform and still lacked trading skills. But as I went along, I began to learn how the platform works and what steps I should take,” he said.

Easy Peasy

Among the most popular strategies on how to make money in college using BTC is through trading. You can buy and sell bitcoin and make profit from exchanging your fiat to crypto or vice versa. You can pay with over 300 payment options on Paxful, depending on your trading needs.

Kevin noted one of the many remarkable perks you can get from trading on Paxful. “I started to have financial freedom, which has helped me provide for most of my needs, such as rent and school fees, and even put food on the table every day.”

Idris, a 29-year-old Peer from Nigeria, uses BTC to extend financial freedom to other people. Fiat currencies are often limited by geographic borders, making it challenging for some to purchase items from another country.

“I would pick one of the orders with a percentage rate suitable for me, and I would order from Amazon and ship it to the shoppers to their address. Then the shopper would pay me in bitcoin after the order has been delivered to them.”

People Will Use Them

Once you’re all set and are ready to trade, here are some tips you can use to have successful and enticing trades. David, a 23-year-old Peer from Kenya, said, “Whenever a buyer initiates a trade, I make sure to give them clear payment instructions and release the coins immediately after receiving the payment. This builds trust and motivates customers to trade with me whenever I have an active offer.”

If you’re down to trade bitcoin, the first thing you need is a digital wallet where you’ll store, send, and receive BTC funds. Don’t worry about where to get it and for how muchwe got you! You’ll instantly receive a free bitcoin wallet after creating an account on Paxful. Easy, right?

2. Join Paxful’s Peer Program

If you’re already earning money by trading BTC on Paxful but are looking for ways to take your crypto journey to the next level, joining the Peer Program is a great option for you!

This program is an international entrepreneurship program where aspiring crypto professionals dedicate themselves to supporting Paxful and other crypto aficionados through various means while getting rewarded.

It has three levels: Peer, Ambassador, and Associate. You’ll reap the exciting benefits as you advance from one level to another. To make you stand out on the platform more, you’ll earn a badge that will appear on your profile. But how can a student earn money from it? Let’s learn from Odhiambo, a 23-year-old Peer from Kenya:

“One major benefit as a student is an increased income. Given that this is an online job, which can have many scammers, earning trust from vendors isn’t always easy. But with the Paxful Peer badge on my profile, my trading activities have really increased. Now, I’m able to manage my college fees and other expenses using the money I get from those trades.”

Because I Can

Besides an increased profit, being a Peer can allow students to have a stable income. Faith, a 22-year-old Kenyan Peer, said, “When you’re a Peer, you receive 5 USD for every new user that signs up using your unique link, completes the verification process, and makes at least one successful trade.”

Faith added that “You can also earn through participating in different promotions. As a student, this can help you get a stable income that can sustain your needs.”

You can be a Paxful Peer and earn extra cash like Odhiambo and Faith with these easy steps:

  1. Fill out the application form. Also, make sure to create a Paxful account if you haven’t yet.
  2. Wait for your video interview to be scheduled. We’ll reach out to you within 10 days if we think you’re a good fit for the program. Note that we’ll contact only the successful applicants.
  3. Ace your video interview and become a Peer. After the video interview, we’ll review your application thoroughly. If you’re selected to be a Paxful Peer, we’ll reach out to you via email and you’ll be asked to sign an agreement. You’ll also receive training and swag from us. This is where your Paxful Peer journey begins!

3. Set up a Paxful Bitcoin Kiosk

Do you own a website or blog? Creating a virtual bitcoin kiosk is another approach on how to earn money as a student online. Paxful’s bitcoin kiosk allows you to earn income whenever your page or channel visitors use it to buy BTC.

Here are the quick steps to take:

  1. Create your virtual kiosk.
  2. Deploy it on your channel or website.
  3. Earn a 2% optional commission on every purchase.

You can customize Paxful’s bitcoin kiosk, where your customers can buy BTC using more than 300 payment options with no chargebacks! This includes bank transfers, online wallets, debit or credit cards, digital currencies, cash payments, and more.

4. Bag extra bucks with bug bounty

Did you spot some bugs or any technical issues while using the platform? Inform our support team right away! Send us a detailed report of what you’ve encountered, including some screenshots with explanations, and earn extra cash from our bug bounty.

College isn’t cheap, but there are many ideas on how to earn money as a student despite the sleepless nights, countless studying hours, and nerve-wracking exams. Taking it from our student Peers, going outside and taking a local business job isn’t your only option.

You can always maximize your room space, laptop and smartphone, and the Internet to earn extra cash whenever you want. In addition to the money you make, you’re also gaining valuable skills that will definitely prepare you for the real world.

Explore and try your hand at the money-making ways we listed above and let us know which one works best for you!

Disclaimer: The content herein is not, and is not intended to be, financial, investment, or other advice.

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