There are 4 billion unbanked and underbanked people out there that need crypto, but you’ve only gathered 4 affiliates and you see other users gathering 400 or even 4,000 affiliates. What crazy tactics are they using?

Their tactics aren’t crazy at all. In fact, you could grow your community just like they do. Let’s look at the story of Dennis, who’s got more than 400 affiliates and recently became our second Associate—the highest level of the Peer Program. 👏

The beginning of Dennis’ journey with Paxful 

Flipping through the pages of the calendar, Dennis realized that it’s been more than a year since he started trading on Paxful in June 2019. An electrical engineer by day, Dennis is very intrigued by blockchain technology and sees a huge potential in cryptocurrency.

Dennis likes to trade on Paxful because of the user-friendly interface and safe security features on our platform. His trading journey took an interesting turn as he signed up to be a community leader in the Paxful Peer Program. Now, not only is his trust in Paxful imperative—his new responsibility is to convince new users to trust Paxful as he does.

4 secrets to expanding your Paxful network 

As our second ever Associate, Dennis has tried many different ways to grow his empire of affiliates. He started by sharing his referral link on Facebook, but that wasn’t met with much success. Eventually, he did the following that was the backbone of his accomplishment:

  1. He convinced thirteen active affiliates to become his advocates. These people are the closest to him and he knew that they’d get along well with each other.
  2. He opened a WhatsApp group to assist new joiners with first steps, such as getting verified, finding the best offer, and buying their first bitcoin. Who wouldn’t love a caring mentor? 😉 
  3. He held online classes to consolidate his community’s trading knowledge. These groups met often, which showcases Dennis’ dedication to leading a community. 
  4. He trained his advocates to spread the word about Paxful to their friends because he understands that it’s easiest to gain someone’s trust when their acquaintances have gone through a similar process.

Through working hard to provide his affiliates with the smoothest and easiest experience on Paxful, Dennis has successfully grown his community to 400 strong. 

Extra tips for aspiring leaders 

Like with any new endeavor, you need to be confident about yourself. Dennis has always believed in himself and more importantly, he understands that passing the initial Paxful Peer interview means that Paxful believes in him as well.

But that’s only the first step. A critical responsibility here is to follow up with your new affiliates, whether it means meeting up with them in real life (or online) or tackling challenges together with them. Remember, it takes a lot of courage to start trading your hard-earned money, so get through the thick and thin with the newcomers and they’ll appreciate it!

Dennis’s insight is valuable for anyone aspiring to become a leader in crypto. Bitcoin is the currency of people, so let’s unite!

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