For many people, creative juices don’t start flowing until a cup of coffee is in the body. For Francis—a popular crypto YouTuber and our first-ever Associate, the highest level of the Peer Program—it’s no different.

The crypto lifestyle

Since 2017, Francis has produced hundreds of videos on his YouTube channel, The Crypto Lifestyle, out of his office in Canada. His content covers everything from interviews with blockchain startup CEOs, reviews on the most promising ICOs, introduction to peer-to-peer trading platforms, and all things crypto.

Like many, Francis’s encounter with bitcoin was by chance.

Francis didn’t choose crypto—crypto chose him 

Sometimes, the way to success lies off the beaten path.

When Francis dropped out of college and left behind a degree in business management, he knew that something different awaited him. Glammed-up resumes and diplomas didn’t carry much appeal to him anymore, so he spent days and nights looking for alternatives to make money and came across bitcoin in 2013.

From there, he had his eyes glued to bitcoin tutorials on YouTube. Some of his all-time favorite channels include Crypt0, Modern Investor, and The Dollar Vigilante.

Eventually, Francis bought 250 USD worth of bitcoin. It didn’t hit him how cool the technology really is until his friend received the very bitcoin from him within seconds

“Wow, bitcoin’s pretty cool!”

We all love speed and convenience. For Francis, his first bitcoin trade opened a whole new world for him—he can now manage his funds and keep a digital, decentralized wallet in his pocket. Moreover, people can use bitcoin to buy goods and services on Paxful, which is exactly what’s keeping Francis on the platform. 

Francis is a busy man. He runs four different companies and trades on Paxful whenever he has time to take a breath. The abundance of offers keeps his brain ticking!

How being honest has helped Francis gain 1,000 referrals

If you’ve watched Francis’s videos, you’d know that he’s super approachable and pours his heart into his channel. (Not gonna lie, his positive and bubbly personality is contagious!) He gives his honest opinion on various aspects of crypto and spends nearly 10 hours on perfecting the content, script, visuals, and search engine optimization (SEO) of each of his videos.

The crypto lifestyle

In every video, Francis explains what type of content he’ll cover from the get-go. He then goes into detail and unpacks complicated concepts into digestible matters for the average Joe. When talking about Paxful, Francis is very transparent.

For this very reason, he rapidly gained over 1,000 referrals and quickly became our first Associate. People who watch his videos can clearly see the result and appeal of trading bitcoin. After using Francis’s referral link to create a Paxful account, his new referrals will even be invited to a private chat where he shares his own bitcoin journey.

Tips for aspiring crypto vloggers

Crypto is hotter than ever. A lot of people want to know what trading on Paxful is like, but there are only a few Paxful experts willing to share their journeys on YouTube, so if you want to be a crypto influencer—do it now before it’s too late!

Francis knows that many people get nervous in front of a camera and worry about how people may perceive them. Regarding that, Francis said “you’ll be surprised how many people out there are attracted to your personality. Go ahead and press the record button!”

Throughout our live interview with him, Francis mentioned his first YouTube video multiple times. He knew that it wasn’t the finest video he made—in fact, the audio quality was so questionable that you can hear the fan running on his laptop. However, it was from that point onwards that he learned how to improve his content and develop confidence. You can watch our interview with Francis here

Rather than pouring time into editing videos, Francis advised aspiring vloggers to learn the secrets of SEO. He personally uses Tubebuddy and Kwfinder to pinpoint hot topics and keywords to boost his videos’ appearances on YouTube.

But for now, grab your smartphone and start recording—practice makes perfect!