Since 2019, the Paxful Peer Program has enabled hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs to build their own crypto communities and reach new levels of financial independence. Following our webinar on earning Bitcoin as crypto influencers, we gathered some invaluable insight on how some of our most successful Peers use the Paxful Peer Program to boost their monthly incomes.

What made you want to educate others about crypto?

Grey, South Africa

“When I discovered Bitcoin, I was shocked that not many people knew about it, which is why I started making YouTube videos on how to set up a wallet, as well as reviews and tutorials of the tools I use.”


Francis, Canada

“The ability to complete transactions on my own without going to the bank blew my mind! I then started to document my journey and how to make money using different methods on YouTube.” 

Elson, South Africa

“As many people still think that Bitcoin is a risky investment, I felt a strong need to educate people on Bitcoin’s power. I mostly use live streams on my Facebook page Crypto King live shows and have received a lot of positive feedback so far.“

Moses, Uganda

“I realized that many people in Uganda still fear that Bitcoin is a scam, so I started blogging about consumer technologies, business, finance, gadgets, and product reviews.” 

How do you make money through the Paxful Peer Program? 

Grey, South Africa

“By understanding the platform and crypto business well and being able to help new traders effectively. Through the content you create, you have the chance to introduce people to Paxful and get paid when a referral signs up and trades. Moreover, you need to learn how to stimulate your referrals to trade. What’s the benefit of trading? Well, I earn a minimum of 0.1 BTC per month as a Paxful Peer.”

It works

Francis, Canada

“When traders sign up on Paxful using your referral link and start buying BTC, you will receive 50% of the escrow fee. It’s the easiest to attract new users when the content you put out is genuine and transparent.”

Moses, Uganda

“I still vividly remember earning my first 5 USD in BTC as a Peer: I told a trader who wanted to sell BTC about Paxful. He signed up using my referral link, verified his ID, and started trading. Since then, I’ve been receiving 50% of the escrow fee every time my referrals buy crypto on Paxful. The more traders you sign up with your referral link, the more money you’ll make.”

Peprah, Ghana

“I was impressed by Paxful School’s educational videos so I started advertising Paxful on Instagram and Twitter. I simply inserted my referral link there and soon got my first referrals! I’ve been able to earn a side income ever since.”

Hard work pays off

No matter where you are in the world and what you do for a living, there’s a place for you on Paxful. Our guest speakers found their calling for crypto at different points of their lives but have all come to agree that Bitcoin is a community, and community is what drives success. Once you join the Peer Program, you’ll be connected with a team of resourceful crypto traders from around the world, as well as earn a side income through leading your own community.

Want to influence others like our speakers? Join the Peer program today!