Through thick and thin

First, the Paxful team would like to thank all the users that have stuck with us throughout the years. Also, a big thank you to the new users that have just begun their Paxful journey. Another thing is Paxful has gone from a small-time business to a leading peer-to-peer marketplace because of our awesome users.

“It’s unbelievable. It’s unbelievable what the users have allowed us to do here at Paxful. We really owe it all to you guys. You all helped me and Artur fulfill something beyond our wildest dreams. We hope that you guys will keep giving honest feedback and keep trading. We’re glad to be able to give every single one of you the power and control over your own money. “  says Ray Youssef, Paxful’s CEO, and co-founder.

As we move towards 2019, we want to take you back and reminisce on the highlights of 2018, highlights that were only made possible by our loyal users.

2018 Highlights

2 million users

We’re thankful to say that we have now grown to an incredible size of 2 million. We remain grateful and humbled by the amount of users trading on our site.

A growing team

The Paxful team is growing even bigger to cater to the larger number of users visiting the site. We want to keep our service level very high and we are doing everything we can to make the user experience easier, better, and more convenient.

All-time high volumes

It brings joy to our hearts to see that people are enjoying the trading experience on Paxful. In 2018, Paxful’s trade volume has reached an all-time high and we’re excited to see where it goes from here.


We’re very proud to announce that the second school in Rwanda is up and running. The school is located in the Nyamata Sector of Rwanda’s Bugesera District. It will cater to children 6-15 of age as a secondary school. It will also offer courses about crypto and blockchain technology so that students can learn as early as possible how to build a peer-to-peer future!

Aside from the schools, we’re also very proud of the work we’ve done for female Afghan refugees. $15,000 was provided in to help Afghan women pursue their education. The winners were awarded $5,000 in two installments – $2,500 per semester. Here are the beneficiaries of the inaugural scholarship:

  • Susan Naseri – interested in non-profit work and law
  • Dunia Azizi – pursuing a mathematics degree
  • Farzana Nawabi – working towards a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

The #BuiltWithBitcoin initiative has been our most fulfilling work yet. We’re excited for more.

“The #BuiltWithBitcoin initiative is a testament to the power of cryptocurrency. We firmly believe that it can improve lives and make the world a better place.” – Ray Youssef, Paxful CEO

Looking forward to 2019

Paxful 2.0 is in the works and will be coming at the beginning of 2019. The site is going to get its first revamp since its creation with major upgrades coming to the design of the site and features to help the trading experience. We hope that the revamp makes the Paxful experience as easy as possible for old and new users alike. Keep giving feedback as we’d love to continue improving the site for our users.

By now, everyone has probably noticed the dip in bitcoin’s price. Don’t fret as we believe that this will not affect business on Paxful. Bitcoin’s price has been steadily declining since the start of the year yet business has continued to grow as each month passes. Despite the significant dip in bitcoin’s price, we are fully expecting a lot more peer-to-peer bitcoin trades in 2019.

No matter how low the price of bitcoin is, there will always be a use for bitcoin. People use bitcoin to translate money and that is what makes peer-to-peer finance so great. Happy New Year from the Paxful team and cheers to 2019!