The Institute of Urban Management of Entrepreneurship, Work and Organized Technology (GUETTO Institute) is a non-profit organization in Brazil that’s dedicated to strengthening racial and gender equity across institutions.

We’re extremely excited to announce that we’re partnering with them and launching AfroBit_lab, a project that will expand Bitcoin education and greater financial literacy to Black communities in Brazil. 

AfroBit_lab will select 12 professionals across fields like technology, activism, and entrepreneurship to participate in a 10-hour-long course on Bitcoin technology, community engagement, data analytics, and anti-racist education. After completing the course, they’ll pass on the lessons to community members and equip them with everything they need to learn about Bitcoin and gain the financial freedom they were previously denied. 

This new partnership joins the list of initiatives we’ve started to bring Bitcoin education to communities from the African Diaspora across the globe—including workshops in Kenya, Ghana, Francophone Africa, South Africa, Botswana, the PaxNaija Training Center in Nigeria, and sponsorship of the Digital Financial Revolution Tour in the United States. 

Alongside the GUETTO Institute, we believe we can amplify our efforts in showing the world how Bitcoin can truly change lives and how education will pave the way for global adoption. 

“Bitcoin is the pathway towards financial freedom and that is why Paxful is committed to Bitcoin education across Latin America. AfroBit_lab will revolutionize how the black population in Brazil can access greater tools and resources to thrive. We’re proud to partner with GUETTO Institute to open up the global market for real people who are often left behind by the traditional finance system.” – Ray Youssef, Paxful founder and CEO

“To deal with Bitcoin may seem like a far-off for most of the black population. There is the belief that even for the general people it is difficult to understand the digital world, with cryptocurrencies and the decentralized monetary model. But this is changing. For 15 years, the world of the financial market has been democratizing, in parallel with large strides in technology. Many people have been making money, and the black population has had several obstacles. If this public wants a generational transformation and financial freedom with greater profitability, it is necessary to learn new ways to deal with money. This is what we want to offer in our partnership with Paxful to build the AfroBit_lab.”– Alabê Nunjara, Director of Public Policies at GUETTO Institute