The crypto space is booming. Bitcoin reached $15 000 today. Times are great right? Well, not for all. Bitcoin can and will solve problems for people that need it most and we want to give our part back as well.

And that is why we started the initiative #builtwithbitcoin. The goal is to build 100 schools all over Africa, funded by bitcoin. We teamed up with Zam Zam Water and helped the first school become a reality. Our team went to Rwanda, Kasebigege village to help out. Here are our experiences and some images from the beautiful place.

Want to help us build schools? This is the donation address:


Ray Youssef and families in Africa

This is what was done:

Nursery Education Center

    • 3 Classrooms
    • 4 Restrooms with potable irrigation system
    • 15,000 L water tank and water-catchment system

Project location:

Kasebigege Village – Bugesera District, Rwanda


7,500 people (children between ages 3-6)


    • Building over 20 community gardens for sustainable agriculture
  • Providing dozens of goats and chickens for grazing, meat, milk and poultry.

Built with bitcoin foundation projects Built with bitcoin foundation with kids in Africa Built with bitcoin with families in Africa Built with bitcoin with families in Africa

As a team it has brought us all together, working towards a bigger goal. This experience has indeed been enlightening and this is why we want to bring more people into it. Together we can really make a difference. Also, this is a great way to show people that bitcoin is not just used as an investment or for purchasing drugs and guns.

Here are some more images from our trip:

How Rwanda Made Us Feel

Rwanda and Kigali is the Africa i didn’t expect to see. It was like disneyland and paradise – extremely clean, nice people. A place that I would always like to come back to. – Artur

They are some of the kindest people I have ever met. Almost every single person I met there had one of their family members brutally slaughtered in the genocide in 1994, yet they completely forgave the people that attacked them in order to build something better, and now from that destruction they have created one of the most thriving and stable economies in Africa. It is literally the cleanest place I have ever been to. – Elliott

Rwanda was something totally new for me, the nature , the people and also the gorillaz. Really makes you respect the nature more. Also about the history, just gives a good example how people can forgive and move forward. Also taught me how we should respect what we have and we are SUPER lucky to have clean water. – Jan

Rwanda is a model for Africa and all the world. Clean, safe and cheerful. The people of Rwanda have shown us how we can forgive, heal and build a better world no matter how horrific the past. People that had their entire families killed by their own neighbors now live side by side again in peace. The western media only shows us an Africa of poverty and disease, Rwanda has shown us the exact opposite. This is why we chose the first Paxful school to be built there. – Ray