Whether you want to make a living, introduce your friends to the crypto world, or take your trading to the next level, a lot of remarkable opportunities await you on Paxful’s Peer Program. But don’t fret if you’re not a part of it yet! Now’s the perfect time to broaden your horizons—just like our new peers from Uganda, Morocco, and Cameroon did.

To offer you some insight into kickstarting your Paxful Peer journey, we asked them to share their stories about how becoming a Peer can help bring about real change in the way you manage your finances.

Abdelhamid, Morocco

Meet Abdelhamid, a 25-year-old Moroccan Peer who lives in Qatar. He came across the Paxful Peer Program just a month ago and the benefits sparked his interest right away.

Paxful Peer - Abdelhamid

“It could give a lot of opportunities in diversifying your earnings either by trading Bitcoin (BTC) or Tether (USDT) or gaining new affiliates. You even have a chance to become a Paxful employee.”

His first few days as a Peer was full of thrill and fun. “I was impressed and very happy with the warm welcome that the other Peers gave me. I feel like I’m now a part of the Paxful family. I’m also proud to have a Paxful Peer badge. I started receiving new views on my offers, so I trade well now!”

Now, Abdelhamid introduces Paxful to other crypto geeks in his homeland and Qatar through social media, so they can also experience the game-changing potential of trading BTC and USDT on the platform.

Moses, Uganda

Our 22-year-old Peer from Uganda, Moses, shares a similar experience. Besides earning $5 worth of BTC whenever someone joins Paxful through his affiliate link and earning 50% from the escrow fee whenever his affiliates trade, his journey became more exciting and motivating when he met other Peers.

“After joining the group to get in touch with my fellow peers, I noticed that they’re so lovely and nice, and they genuinely want to help each other. That’s when I knew I was in the right place with the right people. They’re always around to help me carry on my journey into the real crypto world.”

Paxful Peer - Moses

However, the way to success isn’t always smooth. At times, Moses finds it difficult to attract his fellow Ugandans to the platform because of their limited interest and knowledge about crypto and trading. But that can’t stop him from doing what he loves. He turned the problem into opportunities and started reaching out to educate his fellow Ugandans.

“I’d like to introduce as many Ugandans as I can to Paxful by promoting my affiliate link on my social media accounts. I’m also writing articles about crypto and Paxful on my blog to help them gain opportunities through trading.”

Nkambeh, Cameroon

Nkambeh, a 27-year-old Peer from Cameroon, discovered the Paxful Peer Program last August. He was encouraged to be a Peer after learning that he can expand his knowledge and guide others to grow in the crypto space while trading on and promoting Paxful.

Paxful Peer - Nkambeh

Like Moses, Nkambeh sometimes finds it challenging to get people under his affiliate dashboard. But nothing can stop him from growing his affiliates. Nkambeh says, “It can be super rewarding if you can manage to attract professional BTC traders and introduce them to Paxful as your referral. Because every time they buy or sell BTC, you’ll receive 50% of the escrow fee.”

He’s currently geared towards crypto trading while promoting Paxful on his Cameroon Foreign Exchange Academy page on Facebook and training potential affiliates through online classes on WhatsApp.

Become a Paxful Peer today

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