It’s true what they say—when one door closes, another one opens. Even during the global pandemic, we’re all facing, crypto enthusiasts found a way to continue earning money. Recently, we spoke with four passionate European Paxful Peers who have been thriving financially with the help of the Peer Program. Let’s hear what they have to say and see if you can do the same!

Is cryptocurrency popular in your hometown?

Ferhat, Spain

“Since the pandemic started, many people became unemployed and business owners had to close their shops. However, cryptocurrency has been very successful in Spain, with BTC ATMs beginning to emerge in major cities, offering the possibility to buy and sell easily.”

Ni, UK

“People in the UK can easily buy crypto assets such as Bitcoin. However, the UK government has enforced stricter regulations on cryptocurrency exchanges.”

Ruslan, Estonia

“A lot of people have lost their jobs and registered on job boards in Estonia since the pandemic started. Since Estonia was the first country to set the legal framework for cryptocurrencies in Europe, many people have become interested in trading on Paxful.”

Maksym, Germany

“Although Bitcoin isn’t considered a currency in Germany, many companies accept it as a form of payment. The pandemic has pushed a lot of people to migrate to the Internet to earn money, which has increased the demand for profitable loyalty programs such as the Paxful Peer Program.”

Why do you want to promote cryptocurrency in your hometown?

Ferhat, Spain

“We’ve arrived at the beginning of a financial revolution. With the Peer Program, you can be a major influence and teach people how to be autonomous. Peers are very important mentors for people who are seeking to invest their funds, improve their financial situations, or be reassured.

My first referral is someone that had to support his family. I explained the power of cryptocurrency to him and he started to buy and sell on Paxful, which helped him gain confidence and earn enough money to feed his family.”

Ni, UK

“I have a network of friends and colleagues who are interested in blockchain technology and Bitcoin. My knowledge makes it easy to raise awareness and onboard new users.”

Maksym, Germany

“As a Peer, you’re able to communicate around the clock with many experienced traders who advise you on how to trade on the platform. You’ll get to earn more when you bring in referrals!”

Benefits of joining the Peer Program

In addition to the satisfaction of introducing your friends and family to a world of financial opportunities, there are a number of awesome perks to the Peer Program. Here’s what you can expect:

  • 5 USD in BTC for every new ID-verified and active referral
  • Unlimited affiliate earnings
  • Featured offer promotions
  • Featured stories on the Paxful blog and major news outlets
  • Access to exclusive giveaways
  • Priority support
  • A badge on your Paxful profile
  • Paxful-branded merchandise

The main goal of the Peer program is to bring in new users—the more users you introduce, the more you’ll earn. Depending on the number of people you introduce, you’ll also be promoted to different levels within the program. At the highest level of the program, you’ll even receive 150 USD as a bonus payment on top of your affiliate earnings. Many at this level often make more than 500 USD per month in addition to the 150 USD bonus. Sky’s the limit!

Ready to become a leader?

Opportunities sometimes appear in the most unexpected places. If you love crypto and think that more people should be using it, join us and help promote Paxful while reaping all the exclusive benefits. There’s no better time than now to take your crypto journey to the next level. Click the link below and apply to become a Peer today!

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