One of the many strong ladies we met in the crypto space is Famakinwa Betty Oluwakemi, better known as Kembety. Interestingly, this teacher, who’s also a cake baker and decorator, learned how Bitcoin could be one of the key ingredients to the recipe for her success. Now, she’s actively trading on Paxful as a Power Trader and Paxful Peer. Hear about her passions and what inspired her to get into crypto.


Love at first fractions of Bitcoin

Kembety’s crypto journey began when her fiancé introduced her to crypto trading and encouraged her to create a Paxful account. Whenever her fiancé is outside of the country, he would ask for Kembety’s Bitcoin wallet address and send her BTC instead of her local currency.

“The first time I sold the first Bitcoin he sent me on Paxful, I realized that it was worth much more than what I would have if he had sent me fiat. That’s what triggered my interest in crypto. From that day on, I studied how to trade BTC and learned every other thing from my fiancé,” she said.

Kembety with her fiance

“I bought my first Bitcoin on Paxful in June 2020 and kept it in my wallet. After two months, I realized that the amount in my wallet was doubled. I was like, ‘Wow! I just found a new money-making machine!’” Kembety exclaimed.

Believing in progress, not perfection

When Kembety joined Paxful 10 months ago, she was just like other traders who don’t have any badge on their profiles. After months of actively buying and selling cryptos on the platform, she applied as a Paxful Peer to step up her crypto game. 

“I became a Paxful Peer in January 2021, which made my crypto journey even more exciting. More opportunities of great benefit opened up to me and I gained more confidence in telling people about my love for crypto and Paxful,” Kembety added.

Headstrong and determined, Kembety didn’t stop there. After receiving her Peer badge, she became a Power Trader within the same month. This allowed her to have higher offer limits and get recognized by the Paxful team. In February 2021, she was recognized as one of the top traders in Nigeria.

A leading light in a goal-driven crypto community

Kembety brings at least three new fully verified users to Paxful every month. She uses her online influence and introduces others to Paxful and cryptocurrencies via Twitter and Facebook. She firmly believes that impactful leadership greatly influences the feat of a crypto community. 

If you’re wondering how she builds and grows a crypto community all by herself, Kembety shared some helpful tips. “My advice is to encourage participation, raise awareness, practice effective communication, and add a pinch of humor so others can easily get involved in the crypto world,” she said.

Her empowering trading adventure here and now

Just like any journey, Kembety had her fair share of some knock-backs along the way. But that didn’t stop her from bringing people—especially women—towards the endless possibilities with cryptos. She believes that women have all it takes to become successful crypto traders and that’s enough reason to be more passionate about it to gain financial freedom.

“As a lady and a crypto trader, women don’t need to be reliant on any man to provide for their needs. I encourage women in crypto to join the Paxful Peer Program because it comes with many advantages where they can gain a lot,” she added.

When asked what exciting opportunities await women in the crypto space, Kembety mentioned, Financial freedom, self-independence, and self-reliance are huge opportunities to be enjoyed by any woman in crypto. Women in crypto rule their own world!”

Remember, all it takes is a little dose of courage and willingness to learn. If you still haven’t yet, discover how cryptos can spice up your financial journey by creating your Paxful account today! You’ll surely meet strong, like-minded crypto aficionados like yourself. Good luck!