Everyone deserves a life free from worries. But for some communities in Nigeria, making money for a living has been a serious struggle. This reality inspired Mubarak and Muyideen Sulaiman, two brothers from Nigeria, to unlock Bitcoin’s potential in carrying out their life-changing mission—to empower people in need.

Learn how crypto has helped them give back to the community and significantly impact many people’s lives through the Feed All initiative.

Meet the people behind the project

Mubarak is an app and web developer who runs a series of service sales businesses. He’s been trading crypto on Paxful for over a year now and his remarkable journey started when he became a Paxful Peer in June last year. 

Mubarak and Muyideen

On the other hand, his brother, Muyideen, is a fashion model agent in P&F Models Management. He joined Paxful in May 2020 and became a Peer a few months later. Muyideen started his crypto journey with only 5,000 NGN, which is about 12 USD at the time of writing. 

Little did he know that this small amount would help him and his brother to sustain the project that they’re passionate about. “Paxful’s Peer Program gave me the opportunity to rapidly transform my financial capability. This allowed me to comfortably broaden our initiative’s reach,” he said.

Empowering people through Bitcoin, one initiative at a time 

Life has been particularly challenging for low-income families and individuals in Nigeria since the pandemic began. Interestingly, the Sulaiman brothers have discovered that one of the ways to give back to the community is through Bitcoin. 

Last July, Mubarak and Muyideen worked together with Paxful to prove that there’s no limit to the power of cryptocurrencies. They believe that Bitcoin can help the world move towards financial freedom and be among our greatest sources of strength in times of need. 

people smiling

The meals they distributed brought smiles to the faces of the people in the community. The food packs contain Jollof and garnished rice, plantain, chicken, and soda. “We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy food with their loved ones and have fun. Their smiles were priceless and everyone deserves a taste of that joy,” Mubarak said.

giving out food packs

The Sulaiman brothers took time out of their busy day to hear the people tell stories and share their needs. For hours, they stayed with widows and widowers, needy families and children, and homeless individuals. For them, encouragement and support are all about being present for people, especially when times are tough.

“Through this initiative, the struggling and needy people stopped feeling invisible. Finally, their lost hope was revived and found. Now, they know that they can be seen and remembered, and that’s all that matters—to know that better days are coming,” Mubarak mentioned.

Putting priceless smiles on people’s faces

Their organization, P&F Network, has been helping different communities in Nigeria in the past years. “The will to give can’t be dated back to a certain time. We love to get involved whenever there’s a chance to help. Most of the time, we give out raw food and cash to those who barely have enough,” said Mubarak.

The funds used in the past initiatives came from the Sulaiman brothers’ pockets, but this year was different. Mubarak stated, “Our initiative was sponsored by the man with the biggest heart—Ray Youssef, the CEO and co-founder of Paxful. He provided us with everything: the food items, merchandise mobilization, and all other things needed to achieve this.”

For Muyideen, the first step might always be the hardest, but taking it will surely help lift others up. The Sulaiman brothers will continue to create more initiatives to build a better sense of awareness of the communities’ needs and celebrate those who’ve helped move the world forward.

Like Mubarak and Miyudeen, you can help build empowered communities too. Unlock new opportunities and get involved in the growing crypto community by signing up as a Peer today.