We’ve joined forces with Dsdaq, an innovative broker with a specialty in digital currencies, to bring the power of Paxful’s payment flexibility to users worldwide. With Dsdaq, you can explore and trade hundreds of global financial assets and try your hand at cryptocurrency collateral trading. 

Through this partnership, both traditional investors and crypto enthusiasts can shape their financial future together: Paxful users will be able to take part in new trading opportunities and Dsdaq users will have access to over 350+ payment options

As an added bonus, Dsdaq will be running an awesome promotion to go alongside the partnership. Get a chance to earn a 20 USD deposit bonus* to your Dsdaq Welcome Account when you create an account using the link below. 

Create a Dsdaq Account

The deposit bonus will only be credited to the first 1,000 people that sign up, so you better get moving!

We’re extremely excited about this partnership and hopefully, it’ll take you a step closer to being financially independent. 

Click here for more information about eligibility as well as the terms and conditions of the promotion.