When you’re building a business or an empire, it’s essential to know who you’re working with. To help secure your trades even further, we’ve added a new feature that allows you to display your full name

You also have the option to display only your first name and last initial (default option) or hide your name entirely. With these options, you can protect your identity or know for sure that your trade partner is actually who they say they are. 

Choosing to display your full name is simple. Head into your account settings and click on the Full name option. 

Paxful Account Setting

When creating an offer, you’ll now have the option to ask for your trade partner’s full name. Note that if you ask your trade partner to reveal their full name, you’ll have to reveal yours too. 

Trade Instruction

If you choose to hide your name completely, offers that require you to display your full name will be grayed out on your offer list. Remember that you won’t be able to change this setting if you’re in the middle of a trade, so make sure that your display name preferences are all set before clicking on an offer. 

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With this new feature, trades will be safer and you’ll be able to build stronger business relationships. Are you ready to take trading to the next level?