As innovators, our team likes to stay on top of the game at all times. That means listening to our customers and understanding their needs on a deeper level. After all, we’re all right there with you on the platform. We’re proud to say that at Paxful, the thinking caps never come off—pushing boundaries will always be part of our M.O. Here are some updates you might have missed.

Some changes to our Affiliate Program

To keep the money-making opportunities going, we recently made a few alterations to our Affiliate Program earning structure. Starting this month, earnings will only be made from Tier 1 and Tier 2 affiliates on transactions where bitcoin is bought. Don’t worry—you can still make earnings from “sell” transactions by contacting our support team and if you are eligible you might still opt-in. For further info please see our new Affiliate Terms of Services. We just wanted to show some extra love to those of you who are passionate about bringing new users to our platform.

Custom price equations for even more earnings

Customization and flexibility are two of the most most important ingredients when creating a brilliant financial platform. Recently, we launched a new feature that allows you to set your prices according to the bid price on other top exchanges instead of the Paxful index price. Aptly named “Custom Price Equations,” this feature lets you set the price on every offer as a higher or lower percentage than the price found on a specific exchange. This will be of help particularly to high-volume, low-margin vendors who buy bitcoin on an exchange and sell on Paxful with a markup. For example, you can set your offer to match a price on another platform and add a 3% margin on top of that. Once you close the deal on Paxful, you can instantly buyback on the other exchange and lock in your 3% profit!

Internal wallet transaction changes

Financial opportunities cannot exist without security. Our team values your safety and for that reason, we’re always making strides to improve the buying and selling experience on the Paxful platform. Part of these improvements includes a slight change to our internal transaction fees necessary to mitigate off-escrow transactions. You will still get five free internal transactions per month. Following that amount, all internal transactions will now incur a fee of 1 USD or 1% of the sent amount—whichever amount is greater. We know this will make for a safer and more secure platform for everyone.

Other minor updates

This round of product updates also includes some improvements to our vendor dashboard, which now shows you even more information about your trades. You’ll also find that we’ve enhanced the experience on our Paxful Bitcoin Wallet app and added some new functionalities to the Paxful Kiosk.

More awesome updates are on their way so be on the lookout and remember to follow us on social media for all the latest Paxful news!