For most of us, connecting our devices to Wi-Fi, sending emails, and using emojis are a no-brainer. However, for those who weren’t born into the digital era, these could be just some of the most complicated tasks in the world—and if that’s complicated, what more when we dive into crypto?

Interestingly, Ayotunde Aruleba, one of our incredible Peers from Nigeria, proved that there’s no need to get too technical to get your parents started in crypto. How did he do this, you ask? Read ahead as he shares this fascinating life-changing crypto journey.


Where it all started

Ayotunde has been trading crypto on Paxful since 2016. After years of exploring financial opportunities on the platform, he applied and got accepted into the Paxful Peer Program, where he was able to unlock exclusive trading benefits. This is where the crypto journey of Ayotunde and his mom, Modupe Aruleba, all began.

“It all happened sometime in May 2020 when I was looking for referrals so I could earn a living with the Peer Program. I broke down the concept of Bitcoin and blockchain to my mother and she was so delighted to understand how BTC actually works. Not long after that, she decided to buy her first fractions of Bitcoin on Paxful, and since then, she’s been enjoying the ride,” said Ayotunde.

A blessing in disguise

Ayotunde’s only intention with the Peer Program was to build connections and expand his reach. Little did he know that it would also have a positive impact on the life of his mother, who is a teacher in Nigeria.

Ayotunde shares, “January came and my mom had to pay for my siblings’ school fees. She was starting to get disheartened with the situation because she can’t think of any place to get money from. After a little while, my mom remembered that she has a Bitcoin Wallet. She looked into it right away and was amazed to discover that the amount she left a few months back had already tripled.” 

Mrs. Aruleba and Ayotunde

He was thrilled to see the smile on his mother’s face. Ayotunde shared that his mom managed to pay for his siblings’ school fees and still keep amounts of BTC in her wallet. Mrs. Aruleba has been buying more BTC since then. “I can boldly say that Bitcoin has put a smile on my mom’s face and she has had no regret trading Bitcoin,” said Ayotunde.

More opportunities await

Like any new trader, Ayotunde’s mom has her fair share of challenges in the crypto world. However, that won’t stop her and Ayotunde from exploring the endless financial possibilities of Bitcoin and Paxful—especially not after the wonderful encounter they’ve had with crypto.

If you think you’ve finally gathered enough courage to finally share the potential of Bitcoin to your loved ones, take this powerful advice from Ayotunde: “Educate yourself first about the coin you’re planning to buy, take your emotions off of trading, HODL if you have to, and never stop exploring the potentials that Bitcoin can offer.”

Ready to spread the good news of crypto with your parents and loved ones? Join the Paxful Peer Program today and discover the exclusive perks enjoyed by Ayotunde and his crypto mom.