A lot has happened since the start of the year and just like that, we’re fast approaching the second half of 2021. Time really flies, especially when you’re enjoying the perks of unlocked opportunities with Bitcoin (BTC) and the thousands of other cryptos out there. If you’re interested in learning more and getting the latest updates about digital coins and blockchain and expanding your connections in the crypto world, here’s a list of crypto events for you to check out.

2021 Crypto Events and Conferences

July 2021

  • Paxful6 (July 12-16) 🎉

    • July 12 – MENA
    • July 13 – South Asia and Brazil
    • July 14 – Philippines, Indonesia, Russia
    • July 15 – Africa and Latin America
    • July 16 – Global Celebration + exciting giveaway

This year, Paxful turns six! This remarkable milestone is only made possible by the unceasing support of our fantastic traders in different corners of the world. Lots of exciting activities and crypto giveaways await you in our week-long celebration, so be sure to stay tuned on all our social media channels for more details. 

This blockchain conference will be held in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. BIOTC 2021 welcomes academic scientists, scholars, and researchers from different parts of the world who work in the field of blockchain and the Internet of things.

This blockchain event, initiated by zkTube Global Community Alliance, explores more possibilities and feasibility of the second layer on the Ethereum network. It’ll be held in Shanghai, China, and will introduce the expanded definition, value of Layer2, and more.

  • Ethereum Classic (ETC) Magneto Hard Fork (July 21)

This hard fork or major upgrade dubbed as “Magneto” aims to improve the network’s security and reduce gas costs by storing addresses and keys in one place so that users can access them with a single transaction.

This fully virtual 2-day conference will discuss the roles of banking and nonbanking institutions, financial organizations, finance and technology companies, investment firms, and more. 

This 3-day blockchain event, which will be held in Palma de Mallorca, Spain,  is among the most popular ones in the fintech space. If you’re a business owner, working professional, or everyday investor who wants to share your passion for blockchain, this crypto conference might be best for you.

August 2021

  • Ethereum (ETH) London Hard Fork (August 4)

Ethereum’s much-anticipated hard fork is expected to go live in August, with block 12,965,000. This upgrade will implement five ETH Improvement Proposals (EIP), including the EIPs 1559 and 3554 aimed to counter various inefficacies.

September 2021

    • September 6-7 – London
    • September 23-24 – Amsterdam
    • September 29-30 – North America

This 2-day blockchain event is made up of four conferences: the new Virtual Conference, Global, Europe, and North America. It focuses on the future of enterprise technology and is participated by over 20,000 attendees and hundreds of top experts in different fields. Topics include enterprise, financial services, cryptocurrency, platforms, strategies, applications, technical, and investments.

You have two options to join this event: in-person in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, or via virtual stream. This year’s conference will focus on the latest trends in open banking, data integration, cybersecurity, affluent banking, transforming the payment landscape, and a lot more.

A 3-day immersive and agenda-setting annual summit that gathers cryptocurrency leaders, builders, operators, and builders. This crypto event allows you to experience a future-focused collaboration, interactive discussions, hands-on product demonstrations, and one-on-one meeting opportunities with the leaders in the field. You can join the event virtually or attend in-person in New York, USA.

This week-long event with the theme “The Future of Money Governance and the Law” will be held in Washington DC. It’ll cover exciting topics such as cryptocurrency, cybersecurity, international trade, blockchain, and many more. 

This event specializes in helping blockchain companies, start-ups, and investors create long-term business relationships. BII Summit, which will be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), is dubbed as one of the top blockchain events in the Middle East for blockchain investments.

If you’re interested in learning more and getting the latest news and updates about Cardano (ADA), you might want to mark this crypto event on your calendar. It’ll have a mix of virtual and live events and is open for all crypto and blockchain enthusiasts worldwide.

October 2021

Dubbed as a premier crypto event, TOKEN2049 brings together leading founders and executives from all over the world to highlight the latest evolution of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

This conference series connects cryptocurrency investors and blockchain enthusiasts with startup and initial coin offering (ICO) opportunities in the Asian region and beyond.

  • AIM Summit Dubai Edition 2021 (October 11-12)

This summit provides a platform for discussions on investment developments, global market conditions, the latest trends, and future business opportunities. It connects regional investors, managers, and global industry leaders in the world of alternatives.

This 4-day blockchain conference is one of the leading blockchain and crypto events in the Middle East. It brings together the top investors, game-changing creators, and brightest minds in the field. It’ll be held at Dubai World Trade Centre and will be co-located alongside five other tech shows in the industry.

This week-long conference focuses on the continuing realization of digital assets across the finance ecosystem. You can attend the event in London or come in virtually. London Digital Assets Week is divided into four summits with the following topics: digital assets in listed securities markets, investing in digital securities in private markets, digitization of capital markets, and realizing institutional crypto.

In partnership with BitAngels, this blockchain conference will discuss legal, regulatory, and jurisdictional issues involved with starting and investing in blockchain companies.

Known as one of the biggest blockchain, cryptocurrency, and mining events globally, Blockchain Life 2021 brings together global industry leaders and blockchain and crypto enthusiasts. It’ll be held in Moscow, Russia.

This blockchain event will be held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan. It is a newly launched trade show for all kinds of blockchain technologies. If you’re eyeing an excellent opportunity to introduce your technologies to the Japanese market, consider saving your spot at this conference.

  • CryptoCon 2021 (October 31-November 2)

This North American Crypto and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Educational Conference, to be held in Phoenix, Arizona, is dedicated to educating those who desire to get started in the crypto space. It’ll be attended by coin creators, NFT artists, and leading innovators and experts in the field.

November 2021

Dubbed “the leading annual NFT event,” NFT.NYC 2021 will feature hundreds of speakers from various fields, including art, music, education, and gaming. Tickets are available for BTC and ETH.

This 2-day expo-focused conference is focused on blockchain investing, building, and mainstream adoption. Topics will be discussed by some of the most accomplished, influential, and astounding leaders and speakers in the industry. You can either attend in-person at the LA Convention Center or stream online.

D4A 2021 will tackle blockchain technology based on the 12 Principles of Good Democratic Governance set by the Council of Europe. The conference will be held at Casa Llotja de Mar in Barcelona, Spain, and will have exciting activities such as a hackathon, start-up pitching, round table discussions, and more.

  • Taproot Activation (November 15)

This upgrade is designed to bring new optimizations to security and usability to the Bitcoin network—another anticipated event by all BTC enthusiasts in the crypto space. 

The Blockchain Week Rome 2021 is a conference packed with five days of intensive courses and summits about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. It’s known as one of the most prominent Italian blockchain events, which will be held in Rome, Italy.

Dubbed as the premier crypto event, TOKEN2049 brings together developers, entrepreneurs, investors, founders, thought leaders, and leading executives from the global crypto industry to create unparalleled networking opportunities and share views about the market.

  • CoinFestUK 2021 (November 25-28)

CoinFestUK 2021 is a crypto event that caters to a global audience. The event offers an art gallery, NFT giveaways, fun activities; exhibitor, workshop, and speaker tracks, and many more. This 2021, the event will have two new tracks dedicated to blockchain and crypto enthusiasts—the decentralized finance (DeFi) and trading tracks.

December 2021

Known as Germany’s leading blockchain technology conference with a trade fair, Blockchance connects thought leaders and innovators who create inspiring concepts and solutions in the field. The conference to be held in Hamburg, Germany, will discuss topics including digital assets, artificial intelligence (AI), and green technology and sustainability.

This 2-day blockchain conference to be held in San Juan, Puerto Rico, will discuss international Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain investing trends. It’ll connect global investors with the industry’s leading thought leaders to unlock more opportunities in the Caribbean markets.

More opportunities and exciting events await

These are just a few of the many blockchain and cryptocurrency events that await you, so be sure to check them out and join the ones that best match your interest and trading journey. Bookmark this page and visit it again soon for more updates and the latest crypto and blockchain events.

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