Fashion has a reputation for being a challenging field. People often face cut-throat competition, and there can be financial hardships involved. While it’s a harsh reality, some have gotten creative finding solutions. One way to solve more significant fashion concerns is through crypto.  

What if crypto could help models become more financially independent? Intersecting crypto and fashion is what Muyideen and Mubarak Sulaiman do. They use crypto to financially empower and change their community.

Keep reading to learn how crypto and Paxful’s Peer Program have changed how the Peers live, work, and give back.

Meet the Sulaiman Brothers

Mubarak Sulaiman

Mubarak Sulaiman

Muyideen Sulaiman and Mubarak Sulaiman are brothers living in Ilorin, Nigeria. They often help their community by listening to the needs of children, the homeless, and the elderly. They even started an organization called the P&F Network to empower those in need by distributing meals and giving out cash. 

When they aren’t helping their neighbors, they run P&F Models Management, a modeling agency founded by the P&F Network. According to the brothers, “[their] management company works to set standards of what the modeling business stands for in the global economy.” 

Together, the brothers work hard to empower models, locals, and the needy with the power of Bitcoin (BTC). 

Becoming a Paxful Peer

Between running a philanthropic organization and a modeling agency, Muyideen and his brother are also crypto traders. Muyideen joined Paxful in May 2020, and within a few months, became a Peer. He believes that working in both sectors and becoming a Peer has helped his finances and career grow.

“They complement each other,” Muyideen said. “Becoming a crypto trader has given me more instruments to become a better agent. The crypto space [has generated] income for me, which gives me more room to further boost the businesses.” 

With the money Muyideen is making from trading as a Peer, he can focus on bettering other aspects of his life and community. He said, “Paxful’s Peer Program allowed me to rapidly transform my financial capability. This allowed me to comfortably broaden our reach.”

When fashion and crypto intersect

While Muyideen has seen the positive effects of crypto in his life and community, he wants to show its impact to his fashion colleagues. He believes that “the use of cryptocurrency is highly needed in the fashion space. Bitcoin has to be introduced as the newest models’ payment method.” 

Currently, African modeling agencies face international money transfer deductions, especially when receiving compensation abroad. Muyideen firmly believes that if agencies have a corporate BTC wallet that allows for other payment options, payments could be made more seamlessly across the world. This means more accessibility to finances no matter where you’re located.

With the power of BTC and Paxful, models and their agents no longer have to worry about paycheck deductions from international fees. Through BTC, they can have more freedom.

Muyideen’s advocacy for crypto

Muyideen Sulaiman

Muyideen Sulaiman

With the struggles of transferring money, P&F Models Management is enrolling their models on Their hopes are to make both the models’ and the agents’ lives easier. 

According to Muyideen, registering on Paxful “enables the models to have a cryptocurrency wallet and allows them to earn as a trader and receive money in crypto form. The corporate body of P&F Network is on the verge of proposing international agencies to adopt cryptocurrency to make money transfers easier and more seamless.”  

Seeing the bigger picture

Crypto has a chance to change the way people work. It empowers people and changes their lives, and we can see changes already happening in Nigeria. The Sulaiman brothers are trying to help their community and fashion models, which will have ripple effects. 

Like Muyideen and Mubarak, you can empower yourself and others by joining Paxful’s crypto community. See how you can better the world by signing up as Peer