We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with CoinEx, a global cryptocurrency exchange service provider, to support fiat-to-crypto accessibility in Latin America. 

This partnership will allow CoinEx users to buy crypto directly from Paxful using a variety of local currencies like ARS, MXN, COP, CLP, PEN, and BRL. 

To celebrate, users who add funds to their CoinEx account through Paxful will receive an Airdrop of 10 USD in CET. For a full list of details on this promotion, check out CoinEx’s website. This promotion is only running from April 16 to April 23, so be sure to jump on this opportunity!

“Latin America is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency markets, but actually many individuals are unable to get bank accounts, which is a factor driving cryptocurrency adoption. Paxful provides users a variety of ways to buy crypto, this strategic partnership of OTC makes it more convenient for users from Spanish-speaking countries.” said Haipo Yang, Founder and CEO of CoinEx. 

This partnership is just another step towards making cryptocurrency accessible across the world. Both CoinEx and Paxful are continuing to focus on local markets in Latin America, so you can expect to see even more impact in the future. 

“We’re excited to team up with CoinEx. Their CoinEx’s market presence will enable us to reach more people and bring the benefits of cryptocurrencies to a wider audience,” said Jean Ng, Growth VP at Paxful.