The day of love is quickly approaching and want to get started on your shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts, we’ve got a way for you to make it not only more convenient but also easier on your wallet. 

The secret? Bitcoin and gift cards. 

Why you should use gift cards for your shopping

Gift cards have been around since the mid-90s but with Bitcoin coming along and shaking things up (as it does with everything else), they’ve taken on new forms and given many people new uses. Here’s why pairing gift cards with Bitcoin just makes sense:

  • Gift cards can be bought at a discount on Paxful
    You can buy almost any gift card on the Paxful marketplace. The best part? Using your Bitcoin to purchase them can sometimes get you up to 60% off, allowing you to buy Valentine’s Day gifts at more affordable prices.
  • You can buy almost anything online with gift cards
    Does your loved one need a kitchen tool from Amazon? There’s a gift card for that. Looking to buy a new video game for your partner on Steam? There’s a gift card for that. How about exclusive skincare products and makeup from Sephora? Well, you get the idea.

  • Nothing beats the convenience of online shopping
    Have a busy day and no time to head to the mall? Shop from the comforts of your own home and have your stuff delivered! Pairing that with Bitcoin only makes the process more cost-efficient. 

How to buy gift cards at a discount on Paxful

Ready to start shopping? Here’s how you can buy gift cards at a discount on Paxful: 

  1. Buy some Bitcoin
    First, top up your Paxful Wallet with Bitcoin. If you haven’t created an account yet, it only takes a couple of minutes to set up—you also get a free Bitcoin wallet afterward.

    Next, look for a Bitcoin seller and pay in any way you want using the 450+ payment methods available on Paxful. Just be sure to look at the offer price, trade limits, and the seller’s reputation score.

    As soon as you find a seller that offers a reasonable price for their Bitcoin, you can input how much you want to buy, start a trade, and begin chatting with your seller. They’ll tell you what you need to do, so follow their instructions when sending your payment. Once they’ve verified the payment, they’ll release the Bitcoin straight into your Paxful Wallet.

    For an in-depth guide on how you can trade safely on Paxful, check out this article from Paxful University.

  2. Sell your Bitcoin for a gift card
    Head to the Gift Card Hub and select any gift card you like. Be sure to look at all the details of each offer—some gift card sellers will have lower prices than others.

    Tip: Sort the offers using the filter Price: Highest to lowest to find awesome discounts!

    After clicking the Sell button, the gift card seller should provide all the information you need—whether it be the e-code you need or pictures of a physical card they bought. Once you verify the codes, release the Bitcoin payment from escrow to pay the gift card seller. Now, you can buy Valentine’s Day gifts using a gift card from your preferred store.

Tips for trading gift cards on Paxful

Now that you know how gift card trading works on Paxful, here are a few additional tips so that you can make the most out of our marketplace: 

  • Make sure pictures and codes are visible and legible
    On Paxful, you can choose between e-codes and physical cards. If you prefer physical cards over e-codes, make sure that your trade partner sends you clear photos so that you can read the text and claim your code.

  • Read the offer terms carefully
    Each gift card will have its own set of best practices, so be sure to read your trade partner’s instructions carefully. If you’re creating the offer, make sure to write clear offer terms and instructions so that there aren’t any misunderstandings.

    Here are the best practices for some of our most popular gift cards.

  • Never release the Bitcoin without checking the balance
    Although you can check the balance of some gift cards, it’s best that you redeem the codes immediately after your trade partner sends them to you—especially before releasing the Bitcoin from escrow. This way, you can verify if the code can be used before giving up your Bitcoin.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your partner

Because of how many gift card options there are on Paxful, we understand that thinking of a Valentine’s Day gift can be a little overwhelming. To help get you started, here’s where you can start your search: 

  • Tech
    If your partner is really into tech, where better to look than one of the biggest tech companies in the world? Apple offers some of the best and most popular smartphones, laptops, and home computers in the world.

    With the potential for discounted Apple gift cards on the Paxful marketplace, you can get the very best Apple products at lower costs. 

  • Gaming
    Gaming is more popular than ever, making pretty much anything from this genre a great Valentine’s Day gift.

    With new video games coming out left and right, many people have a lot of games on their Steam wishlist. Luckily, you can help your partner out and clear some of it with the Steam gift cards available on Paxful.

    If your partner is into the accessory side of gaming, look no further than Razer—one of the biggest gaming accessory companies in the world. They offer high-quality and affordable keyboards, mice, gaming chairs, and more. Want a discount? Look through the marketplace and find discounted Razer Gold gift cards today.

  • Clothing and beauty
    Is your partner a sneakerhead? With gift cards from Nike, Adidas, and Footlocker available on Paxful, you have all you need to get your partner laced up and ready to flex their kicks.

    Sephora gift cards are also available on Paxful—allowing you can get the latest in skincare, makeup, fragrance, and hair and beauty products.

  • All-around gifts
    Whether it be kitchen tools like this breakfast sandwich maker or awesome little gadgets like a portable record player, there are a lot of cool all-around options on Amazon. For more quirky gift ideas like trading cards or witty home decor, you can also check out eBay.

    Luckily, Amazon and eBay gift cards are available on Paxful, giving you the opportunity to find hundreds, if not thousands, of Valentine’s Day gifts for you and your partner. 

Time to start your shopping spree

Gift cards are some of the most popular payment options available on Paxful—not only because you can buy them at lower prices but also because they can be used in so many ways. 

If you haven’t tried it before, the season of love might be a good time to start. Start your Valentine’s Day gift shopping spree now and see how easy it is with Bitcoin!