School #2 of the #BuiltWithBitcoin Project is now being built.

The amazing folks at ZamZam Water have already begun building the school with a $20,000 donation from Paxful. ( 544a352151120ef2349fbb02cf58dffd446a19d4197966e5bd8e6af570732f6f )

$100,000 total is needed and we will be matching all donations given from the community until this goal is reached!

ZamZamWater accepts:

  • Bitcoin: 3Q5CESP85hhXTLSy2HDbSyNchb5Bi8D7ku
  • Bitcoin Cash: 15YGniLxo77kfMUWGoRNT6ShUQC93MvaXg
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Dash

You can find all their official bitcoin donation addresses here.

Well be updating the media and the entire community as the new school is being built. The primary school will have:

  • Infrastructure
  • Water project
  • Solar system
  • Kitchen
  • Furnishings

The school is two times as large as the first school built and it will seat 300+ students between the ages of 7-14/15.

The work isn’t done yet. In addition to reaching the goal of building 100 schools, the Built With Bitcoin Foundation is also working to build water wells and community gardens. Stay up to date with what the Built With Bitcoin Foundation is doing here.

*The Built With Bitcoin Foundation has built 2 more schools since the posting of this blog:

School #3 was built in Machakos County Kenya, for children ages 3-6. In addition to the school, the Built With Bitcoin Foundation also added a state-of-the-art water well system. This project was kicked off by a $30,000 donation from Paxful. 

School #4, located in the Ankara Nandu community of Sanga Local in Nigeria, serves about 100-120 children ages 3-6. This school is equipped with a state-of-the-art solar-powered and water well system. In addition to teaching children, the school also doubles as an adult learning space in the evening. 

If interested in partnering up with Zam Zam, please contact [email protected].