In late April, Paxful launched the #BuiltWithBitcoin Africa Fund to help equip various regions in Africa to fight against COVID-19. For South Africa, one of Paxful’s major markets, we’re partnering with GROW Educare Centres to provide emergency food supplies for families that normally rely on early education centers to feed their kids. If you have $13.50 to spare, you can make a big difference.  

A little bit about GROW

Portrait of African woman

GROW Educare Centres is a non-profit social enterprise that provides disadvantaged young children with financially sustainable education. More than 40 centers in three cities in South Africa have implemented GROW’s operating model.

No school, no food    

On March 18, 2020, the government closed down all of GROW’s centers due to the outbreak of COVID-19. This brought an abrupt halt for all group skills training sessions, face-to-face business mentoring, coaching, and taking care of young children for working parents.

As a result, over 2,000 children can no longer attend preschool. Many parents lost their jobs and are unable to pay for school fees, and teachers and school staff such as cooks and cleaners aren’t receiving any income.

A group of people packing relief goods

What’s more, many parents are struggling to pay rent and feed their children. Usually, their children get up to 2 meals a day at GROW’s centers, but with them being closed, the food is gone, too.

How donations as little as $13.50 can help

Families are in need of food—urgently.

“We are very connected with our beneficiaries on the ground and the narrative is clear: Many are anxious … and don’t know how they will pay rent or where their next meal will come from,” says Tracey Chambers, CEO of GROW Educare Centres.

Relief goods from Paxful and GROWTo help relieve hunger among the community, GROW is supplying 1,000 vulnerable families with essential food parcels or food vouchers, and assisting community soup kitchens.

It costs as little as $13.50 (R250) to put together a food parcel. This food parcel contains essentials such as rice, lentils, oil, peanut butter, pasta, peas, flour, tea, sugar, fish, maize and beans, and will provide enough nutritious meals for a family of four for a week.

Let’s do this together: Paxful has already donated 5,000 USD to GROW, but we’re not stopping there. We’ll match all the amounts donated to GROW up to an additional 5,000 USD. That means we could be donating a total of 15,000 USD to GROW—but we need your help.

Lend hungry families a helping hand. Donate today.