In 2017, we launched Built With Bitcoin with the goal of building 100 schools, water wells, and community gardens for sustainable agriculture. This charitable initiative is a testament to the true power of cryptocurrency and its ability to bring about real change and make the world a better place. 

Thanks to our partners, we’ve been able to make a difference in the communities that need it most. 

Our partnership with CRY

The Built With Bitcoin initiative was created to provide children with education and clean water. By building schools and contributing necessary aid, we’ve proved that Bitcoin can make real and lasting differences in our communities.

India's leading NGOs, Child Rights and You (CRY),

Last month, we brought Built With Bitcoin to the nation of India. We partnered with one of India’s leading NGOs, Child Rights and You (CRY), to donate warm clothes, essential hygiene supplies, and educational tools such as books and art supplies. COVID-19 has had a particularly large impact on the state of Chhattisgarh, affecting families across rural villages in the Surguja and Korba districts—with the impact on children being even harsher. Along with CRY, Paxful believes that each child has a right to be nurtured and taken care of. To support this cause, we’ve helped raise over INR 8.5 Lakh and that’s just the start. Over time, we hope to see even more donations come in.

Providing the resources the children in India need for educational development and proper hygiene. 

Working with CRY, we plan to reach other remote areas of India and help children all throughout the country by providing the resources they need for educational development and proper hygiene. 

Supporting the cause, one Bitcoin at a time

India is one of Paxful’s fastest-growing markets, seeing steady growth in both user sign-ups and trading activity. We’re thrilled that through our partnership with CRY, we have the opportunity to give back to an active and passionate community.

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This project marks the start of Built With Bitcoin in India. With more initiatives on the way, we’re fully committing ourselves to help India’s most marginalized communities and bettering the world through the power of crypto.