With crypto games reaching new levels due to the rising popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), some developers have come up with some pretty exciting stuff. 

Back then, it seemed as if blockchain gaming in different genres was a pipe dream. Now, it looks like there’s a blockchain game for every genre. Fancy yourself as more of a role-playing game (RPG) enthusiast? There’s a game for that. What about MMORPG players? Is there a game for that? Yup. 

Crypto games have now encompassed many game genres, including trading card games (TCGs) and simulators. If you’re looking for a game to play—and possibly earn a little extra money on the side—we’ve made a special list for you, with each game representing a different genre. 

A blockchain game for every genre

With so many different crypto games now coming out, looking for one to play can be a little intimidating. To help you out, we’ve given out good examples of each blockchain game, separated by genre:

*Note: The games mentioned below are in no particular order.

CryptoBlades (MMORPG-style)

Cryptoblades Home

Are you into massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs)? CryptoBlades could be a blockchain game for you. 

This game offers a platform to users who like creating characters, duking it out in battle, and reaping the rewards of winning. The platform has built a dynamic reward system that awards players with SKILL tokens after participating in in-game challenges such as raids or defeating powerful enemies. By gaining more tokens, users can upgrade their characters—and, in turn, get the edge on their opponents and earn even more tokens. 

In this game, each character and weapon is an NFT. This allows people to improve their armory, increase their overall powers, and trade them on an open marketplace. 

Cryptoblades Team

The gameplay is simple: each character and weapon have a corresponding element (Fire, Earth, Lightning, or Water), each being resistant to one element and weak to another. For example, Fire is strong against Earth but weak against Water. Earth beats Lightning but is vulnerable to Fire. Lightning beats Water but will lose to Earth. Lastly, Water is good against Fire but weak to Lightning. 

In addition to the element attached to it, weapons have a 5-tier system shown in the form of stars. When you create a character, you’ll receive a one-star weapon. However, you can also forge new weapons, giving you a chance to fight stronger enemies and gain more SKILL tokens. Every time a new weapon is minted, it has a 44% chance of being a one-star, 35% chance to be a two-star, 15% chance of being a three-star, 5% chance of being a four-star, and a 1% chance of being a five-star weapon. 

As you can see, the characters, elements, and weapons play a significant role in each fight. Before combat starts, players will have a chance to choose their character, weapons, and abilities. They can also choose the enemies they face depending on their power level. This means that all these factors play a significant role in how many SKILL tokens a player can earn.

Gods Unchained (online TCG)

If you aren’t too much into the pocket monsters or World of Warcraft genres (like the crypto games mentioned above), maybe you’re more into trading card games. 

Gods Unchained is a digital trading card game that uses the NFT system and makes it so that the digital card you own on the game feels just like owning physical trading cards. In fact, it’s led by the former director of Magic The Gathering: Arena, a digital card game that focuses on competitive play. With these types of games, players have to strategically outsmart their opponents by building flexible decks that can go against a wide variety of tactics. 

In Gods Unchained, you’ll begin with a starter deck. However, unlike most starter decks, the game provides you with a robust assortment of cards so that you’re fully equipped to combat anyone who challenges you. With the starter deck already being so good, it forces the players to rely on their skill rather than stacking a deck with expensive cards. 

Each card’s special abilities fall into one of three categories: Relics, Creatures, and Spells. To add more power to your starter deck, you can purchase packs that have rare or legendary cards. In most cases, the rarer the card is, the more valuable it is. 

As soon as you have your cards, you can trade, sell, or use them in any way you like—just like owning real cards. 

My DeFi Pet (agriculture-simulation/RPG)

Defipet Home

Looking for more of a Farmville experience? You’re in luck. My DeFi Pet has aspects of the old Facebook game. 

DPET tokens are the main in-game currency of this game and with it, you can summon new eggs, breed your monsters, and evolve them. Additionally, you can use them to enter special events—like voting for new features and settings to be added to the game. 

Defipeet Gameplaay

The game greets you with an overview of your pets on a farm—here’s where the Farmville aspect kicks in. After buying and hatching monster eggs with DPET tokens, you’ll see them frolicking around your farm. To feed them, you’ll need to grow fruits and vegetables and harvest them so that your monster can grow big and strong. The more monsters you get, the stronger your army becomes. 

For My DeFi Pet, you’ll have two main ways of earning. The first is by selling DPET tokens you earn from quests or battles. The second method is to auction the monsters you’ve been breeding and feeding—the rarer or higher level your monster is, the more valuable they are. However, it’s worth noting that the marketplace hasn’t been released yet but is scheduled to do so.

Plant vs. Undead (tower defense)

PVU Home

Inspired by games like Plants vs. Zombies and Bloons TD, Plant vs. Undead is a tower defense-style crypto game where you use plants to fight undead minions. In this game, your plants are NFTs, which you can buy and sell with PVU tokens—the native currency of the game which has a max supply of 300 million.

The game is set in a world called Planet Plants. Once a harmonious place for both plants and animals, it is now riddled with undead animals who were contaminated by a mysterious meteor. 

PVU Plants

Right now, the game only has one mode: Farm mode, which gives users five plant slots and one mother tree slot for free. In this mode, you can nurture your plants so that by the time the PvE and PvP survival modes are released, your plants are ready to go into battle. Additionally, the game’s Farm mode is a great way for players to get Light Energy (LE)—the in-game currency in PVU—without having to deal with the tower defense or PvE/PvP mechanics. 

The future of crypto games

We believe that the more we see blockchain games evolve, the higher-quality games we’ll be seeing in the future. As early as now, it’s easy to see that there’s so much potential in this space, some of which big triple-A game studios can learn from. 

Is gaming past the point of just playing? Right now, the main way gamers can earn money is through streaming or competing in tournaments. However, we’re slowly starting to see that change with crypto and blockchain games coming out. 

Although people may have reservations about this being the future of gaming, one thing’s for sure: we’re seeing something exciting unfold before our very eyes—which is something people can take for granted.