To the Paxful community,

Where do we even begin? 2020 was rough. The hardest year of our lives and we were the lucky ones.  As hard as it got, you, our Paxful family, gave us the strength to keep going and have our best year ever.

In January, Bitcoin sat at around $7,000. As the price grew, so did our community. Today, we’re proud to serve over 5 million of you around the world. At the same time, we grew our own team, doubling the size of our support capacity. We now have over 400 employees fighting for financial freedom every single day.

While the world locked down and things were on hold, we kept working and added Tether to our platform—meaning you can protect and maintain control of the money you rightfully earned. And with new payment options like gold and gaming items, we grew into a community that welcomed all.

Work didn’t stop on our Built With Bitcoin projects either. We completed schools and sustainable water filtration centers in both Rwanda and Kenya, and we raised money to provide COVID-19 relief with our Africa Fund. With vital donations from our users and friends, we sent essential supplies and protective equipment to the people that needed it most. Thank you.

This year we also celebrated our fifth birthday. Five years! That’s how long it’s been since we came up with the idea for Paxful, back when Bitcoin was still being laughed at by most of the world. But we believed in it and so did you. Since January, our users have traded more than 44 million times. Again, thank you.

So, what’s next? The world is entering 2021 with uncertainty, but Bitcoin has just hit an all-time high. Even with the pandemic, our Built With Bitcoin team is hard at work, building our fourth school in Nigeria. It’s inspiring, humbling, and reminds us of why we started the company in the first place.

As for us? We’re always listening to what you are asking for—so expect an even better Paxful in 2021 with new products, support for more cryptocurrencies, new improved features, and even a crypto debit card. Financial inclusion for everyone is truly on its way.

Here’s to another year of earning, saving, spending, learning, growing, and thriving together.

Happy Holidays,
Ray & Artur