By using Paxful you must adhere to our Terms of Service.


Here are specific terms when selling bitcoin on Paxful


      1. Selling Digital CurrencyTo sell digital currency on our peer to peer platform:
        1. Create an offer to sell and agree to the terms and conditions:
          1. As a vendor you accept all risk and liabilities for any fraud incurred through the sale of bitcoin.
          2. All taxes to be paid are your responsibility.
          3. Paxful charges vendors a 1% fee for all escrow based trades.
          4. Paxful will not reimburse any losses to the seller due to fraud and our escrow fee will not be refunded.
          5. No brokering of gift cards is allowed.
          6. No trades outside of escrow are allowed. No exchange of outside contact information is allowed.
          7. You must be instantly responsive to your customers or else deactivate your offers.
          8. You must use theĀ Report scamĀ on completed trade page to report any scams. Do not contact support with requests to cancel trades, simply file a dispute and wait for a moderator.
          9. If accepting gift cards as payment, Paxful is not responsible if you fail to redeem the gift card before you release digital currency to the buyer. If you do not redeem the gift card before releasing the digital currency from escrow, the buyer may redeem it first leaving you without payment.
          10. Any advertisement of your own website placed in any section of Paxful such as your bio, offer terms or trade chat where buying or selling bitcoins is conducted without Paxful escrow is strictly prohibited. If you are a registered company, advertising your company name is allowed. It is allowed to share your website that is created solely for the buyer to finish trade and that is tied to your Paxful trade escrow (i.e trusted 3rd party debit/credit card processing). Such websites may not contain advertisements nor contacts to your services
          11. Having multiple accounts within same payment method category is against the rules and will lead to a permanent ban.
        2. Accept payment
          1. When a Paxful user selects your offer, process the payment immediately.
          2. Once you have accepted the payment, release the digital currency from escrow.
        3. Compliance
          1. You are wholly responsible to comply with all laws and regulations for the jurisdiction(s) in which your exchange takes place.
    1. Relationship. Nothing in these Terms is intended to nor shall create any partnership, joint venture, agency, consultancy or trusteeship, you and Paxful being with respect to one another independent contractors.
    2. Accuracy of Information. You represent and warrant that any information you provide via the Services is accurate and complete. You accept and acknowledge that Paxful is not responsible for any errors or omissions that you make in connection with any Digital Currency transaction initiated via the Services, for instance, if you mistype a Wallet Address or otherwise provide incorrect information. We strongly encourage you to review your transaction details carefully before completing them via the Services
    3. No Cancellations or Modifications. Once transaction details have been submitted to the Digital Currency network via the Services, the Services cannot assist you to cancel or otherwise modify your transaction details. Paxful has no control over any Digital Currency network and does not have the ability to facilitate any cancellation or modification requests.
    4. Taxes. It is your responsibility to determine what, if any, taxes apply to the transactions for which you have submitted transaction details via the Services, and it is your responsibility to report and remit the correct tax to the appropriate tax authority. You agree that Paxful is not responsible for determining whether taxes apply to your Digital Currency transactions or for collecting, reporting, withholding or remitting any taxes arising from any Digital Currency transactions.

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