• How to Contact Support

    Paxful has an amazing customer support team and a virtual assistant PaxBot to provide immediate assistance for all sorts of questions.

    You can ask a question and submit a ticket to us by clicking on the chat icon:



    What is PaxBot?

    PaxBot is Paxful’s support chat bot. It’s located on Paxful’s homepage, and it’s there to help you with any questions you may have.


    What can PaxBot do? 

    PaxBot can help you find answers to your questions regarding Paxful. Whether your question is about trading, disputes, or simply related to account issues, PaxBot is a great resource. If you have a specific question on how to use Paxful functions, PaxBot can also help you. It’s quick, efficient, and best of all there are no wait times.


    What do I do if PaxBot doesn’t understand my question?

    If you type a question or phrase and PaxBot doesn’t understand, we recommend that you rephrase the question in simpler terms. If your question can’t be answered PaxBot will help you submit a ticket to the Support team. 


    How do I use PaxBot? 

    You can use PaxBot by following the steps below: 

     1. Click on the purple chat button

    2. PaxBot will greet you and present several common topics you may need assistance with such as: 

    • Account Access
    • Trading
    • Verification
    • Wallet


    3. Type in a short, direct question or choose one of the options listed. 

    PaxBot will either find the best answer or lead you through a series of steps or questions to help you find a solution. Choose the best answer that is applicable to your issue or question.


    The best part about PaxBot is that it’s intuitive, so it will suggest topics to you as you type. We recommend keeping the language simple and easy to understand.

     4. If you don’t find what you are looking for, PaxBot will gather some additional information and send it along to the support team.


    How do I file a support ticket with PaxBot? 

    PaxBot will offer relevant options based on your conversation. When you need to contact the Support team you can click on the “Contact Support” option. 

    Depending on your conversation PaxBot may already know how to direct your issue. When additional information is needed PaxBot will ask a series of questions starting like this: 

    1. You will have 8 options to choose from. Choose the option that is most suitable for your question:


    2. From there, you will be taken through a series of prompts where you can further specify your question or issue by clicking on the most appropriate option. 

    3. You may be asked for your Transaction ID(s). You can either provide the Transaction ID or type skip if you don’t have it.


    4. Depending on your selection, PaxBot may ask you for the wallet address of the sender or receiver. You can type skip if you don’t have it. 


    5. PaxBot may also ask you for the amount of the transaction. You can type skip if you don’t know.


    6.  PaxBot will always ask you for a detailed description of your question or issue so it can send it to Paxful’s support team.


    7. PaxBot will finally ask you for your email address so it can provide you with updates as your issue gets solved.


    8. PaxBot will ask you for optional feedback. We ask that you provide feedback to help us improve!


    9. Once you provide feedback, PaxBot will ask if you need further help. At this point, you can ask any other questions you may have.


    What happened to [email protected]

    We've now migrated to a new system which means we won't be responding to emails from [email protected] anymore. Moving forward, using PaxBot will be the best way to get a hold of us. When you create a support ticket, you will now be corresponding with an email address from [email protected] 


    Note: Paxful support will never contact you outside of [email protected] or [email protected] Be aware there are fake support emails that may impersonate Paxful. These fake emails may even try to trick you into providing personal account details over social media. Read more about how to keep your information secure in our security guide.

  • Reporting a Problem

    Reporting malicious users is a way to keep yourself and the Paxful community safe. Here’s what you can report on the Paxful marketplace.

    Report an offer—If you come across an offer that’s suspicious or in clear violation of our Terms of Service, let us know

    Report a problem—Both sellers and buyers can report a problem with a trade, regardless of whether the trade is successful or not. Visit this page to see how to report an issue with your trade.

    Report a scam—If you’re selling cryptocurrency and think that the buyer has sold you an invalid gift card, report it right away

    Report a chargeback—While selling cryptocurrency some payment methods have an option to make a chargeback. This means that after you’ve received payment for your crypto your trade partner can request their funds back, if the third-party payment service allows it. Visit this page for more information on reporting a chargeback.

    Note: If you want to report an issue but your trade hasn’t been cancelled yet, it is better to start a dispute.

    All these reports will be reviewed by specialists and you’ll receive an update via email. Make sure that you’ve explained the problem in detail and submitted enough evidence.

  • Submitting a Bug Report

    Please contact us with a detailed explanation of the technical issue or bug on the website that you found. Please attach the screenshots and explain on which step it occurs.

    Tutulungan ka ng aming support team!

  • Legal Questions

    All legal questions and inquiries should be directed to the Paxful support team for further instructions.