• 2-Factor-Authentication (2FA)

    Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is an additional layer of security where the user provides two different authentication factors to verify themselves. This is often used to protect the user's credentials and any resources the user is trying to access (such as the Paxful platform). Only the user can access their specific 2FA alert, and these alerts are sent as an SMS to the user’s phone or Google Authenticator (GA).

  • Affiliate Program ng Paxful

    Ang awtomatikong elektronikong programa na sangkot ang web advertiser at na-recruit na mga webmaster. Ang ugnayan kung saan binabayaran ka ng negosyante (ang “affiliate”) para sa mga link mula sa site mo patungo sa kanyang site. Ang kaanib ay karaniwang binabayaran kapag ang aktuwal na bentahan ay isinagawa ng negosyante bilang resulta ng iyong link. Ang Paxful Affiliate Program ay mabilis na paraan para gumawa ng ilang kumita ng karagdagang pera sa pamamagitan ng pagbabahagi ng platform sa mga kaibigan, pamilya, at kahit mga follower.

  • Alok

    On Paxful, offers are specific trade proposals that are split into two types: Buy offers and Sell offers. These proposals have offer options that include fixed currency rates (USD, Euro, etc), cryptocurrency exchange rates, and many different payment methods. 

    Buy offer: This is a trade proposal created by users who are trying to buy cryptocurrency in exchange for a different payment method (i.e. gift cards, fixed currencies). Payment methods are set by the buyer in this instance. Users can find buy offers here.

    Sell offer:  This is a trade proposal created by users who are trying to sell cryptocurrency in exchange for a payment method set in the offer. Users can find sell offers here.

    Who can create an offer?

    An offer can be created by any user. It is important to note that some of the offers require a bond, a minimum balance in your Paxful wallet or KYC.

    Why create an offer?

    You can trade on Paxful by searching for existing offers. But in this case, you depend on the terms of others. Creating your own offer gives an option to set your own terms, trade partner-related requirements, and create a flow of trades.


  • Anti-money Laundering (AML)

    AML refers to a set of laws, regulations, and procedures intended to prevent people from disguising illegally obtained funds as legitimate income. Paxful takes AML protocol seriously, and we abide by all laws, regulations, and procedures.

  • Bitcoin (BTC)

    ang uri ng digital currency kung saan ang mga paraan ng encryption ay ginagamit upang pangasiwaan ang paggawa ng mga yunit ng currency at beripikahin ang transfer ng mga pondo, na independyenteng pinatatakbo ng central bank.

  • Bitcoin wallet address

    A set of letters and numbers which Bitcoin can be sent to and from. A Bitcoin address can be shared publicly, and like sending a message to an email address, a Bitcoin address can be provided to others that wish to send you Bitcoin.

    Here is an example of a Bitcoin wallet address:
    A wallet address can also be presented as a QR code.

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