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Lumikha ang Paxful ng simple at mas mahusay na diskarte sa mga trade. Now you can trade without time-consuming trade chats. Nagiging posible ito dahil ang pinakamahalagang mga tagubilin sa pagtrade at mga kinakailangan ay bahagi na mismo ngayon ng proseso sa pakikipagtrade. The requirements, which affect the trade flow directly, are chosen by the seller of cryptocurrency during the offer creation process. Here is an overview of the feature.

Note: For now, this option is available only for offers to sell crypto for PayPal transfers.


Gumagawa ng alok

Sa pinasimpleng bersyon, dadaanan mo ang gayunding proseso na nasa klasikong bersyon. However, you have additional payment specific requirements to choose from. Chat is avoided as trade instructions and requirements are integrated into the trade flow. Narito ang halimbawa ng gayong proseso sa alok sa Paypal:

1. Start creating an offer to sell your cryptocurrency as usual.


2. Select PayPal as a payment method.


A new section appears below the list of payment methods.

3. Click Lite trade to apply automated trade flow for your offer.


A list of options appears below.

4. Select the ID proofs you want to request from the buyer.

Note: ID request can be removed from the trade process if you have already traded with the buyer before and if the buyer has successfully verified his ID with our Compliance Team.

 5. Scroll below and tick the Proof of payment box if you want the buyer to upload proof of payment during the trade process.

6. Type in your email in the Your PayPal email field.

Note: We will show your email address to the buyer only after you view and approve any proof you have requested from them.


7. Proceed with the offer creation flow as usual.

Note: If your trade requires a security deposit, you'll need to make the deposit to ensure your offer will be visible on the marketplace.

Trading as a seller of cryptocurrency

Hakbang 1

1. When a trade starts, wait for the buyer to upload the documents. Optionally, click Chat with buyer to switch to classic trade chat.


Once the buyer uploads all proofs, they appear on your screen.

Note: On this stage, only the buyer can cancel the trade.

2. Review the proofs and click Accept near to each image.

Note: If you do not accept a proof, click Reject. The user will try to upload a new file.


Hakbang 2

1. Wait for the buyer to make the payment. If necessary, start a chat with a trade partner by clicking Chat with buyer.


2. Once the buyer has confirmed making the payment, click the Proof of payment icon to view the buyer's proof.

3. Tick the box below to confirm receiving the actual payment.

3. Click Release to send cryptocurrency from the escrow to the buyer's wallet.



  • Click Chat with buyer to switch to classic chat to clarify any details.
  • Click Start dispute in case of an issue with the payment or suspicious actions from the buyer’s side.

Tip: After a successful trade, do not forget to leave feedback to your trade partner.

Trading as a buyer of cryptocurrency

Hakbang 1

1. Once you have started a trade, click Upload to start uploading the proofs requested by the seller of cryptocurrency.


The upload file dialogue box appears.

Note: During the trade process, you can click Cancel trade to cancel the trade.

2. Choose a file and click Upload


Note: There are three ways to upload your files:

  • Choose a file from your device.
  • Provide a direct link to a file.
  • Make a photo with your device.

3. Repeat the same actions for all proofs in the list and click Send to vendor


Note: The seller can any time switch your trade to a classic chat version.

Wait for the seller to review your proofs. Once the seller accepts your proofs, the Step 2 section activates.WitingforAccept.png

Hakbang 2

Once your proofs are accepted by the seller, the Step 2 section becomes active. 

Note: If the seller rejects some of your files, you will be taken to the previous step to try uploading a different document.

1. Click Upload to upload the proof of payment the same way as all previous files.


2. After making the payment and uploading the proof requested, click Payment complete.


The Step 3 section activates.

Hakbang 3

Wait for the seller to release cryptocurrency. 


In case of success, you receive a notification confirming that the funds have been transferred to your cryptocurrency wallet.

Tip: After a successful trade, do not forget to leave feedback to your trade partner.

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