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Verifying your email address

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Verifying your email is vital to your Paxful experience and account security.

How to Verify your email address

  • When you signup you will get an email with a link to Confirm Your Email. Please click this link IN THE SAME BROWSER THAT YOU REGISTRED WITH on
  • Check your SPAM folder in your email if you do not see it in your inbox.

Things to do try if verifying your email does not work

  1. Try using a different browser. Chrome is recommended.
  2. Click Resend Code under your account settings. It is next to your email at the very top.
  3. Be sure you are clicking the LATEST confirm email. If you clicked resend multiple times only the last one you clicked will work.
  4. Make sure you do NOT have incognito mode on in your browser. Make sure you do have javascript enabled.
  5. Restart your phone or use a desktop browser.

Why you should want to verify your email address

  1. Many sellers won’t even let you see their offers if your email is not verified and others will be far less likely to trust you
  2. If you access your account from different countries – we will lock your account and the only way to unlock it will be if you access your e-mail – if you haven’t verified your e-mail and it may have a typo – you won’t be able to receive any emails from us and hence unlock your account
  3. Prone to hacking – if you don’t verify your e-mail, you will miss all security updates that we send out and in case of fraudulent or suspicious activity, you may lose out on acting quickly to protect your account
  4. You

Please, take this seriously, and go to your account and verify your email now.

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