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What payment methods can I use to buy bitcoin?

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There are over 3o0 ways to buy and sell bitcoin on paxful.

For example

  1. Buy Bitcoin with iTunes Gift Card
  2. Buy Bitcoins with Amazon Gift Card
  3. Buy Bitcoins with PayPal
  4. Buy Bitcoins with Cash Deposit
  5. Buy Bitcoins with OnLine Wallets like Skrill and NetTeller etc..
  6. Search for over 300+ other ways.

You can search for the way you want to pay by typing in the name of how you want to pay into the search box and clicking the green SEARCH button to shop around or the Give me the best button to get a deal with a seller who is online and ready to help you. Note: if you want the best price then click search instead and shop around.

Each way you can buy bitcoin is called a “payment method”.

Click for a list of payment methods to buy bitcoin. This list is always growing as traders in our market are creating new payment methods all the time to give you more ways to buy bitcoin. The reason we can offer so many payment methods is that Paxful is P2P, meaning peer to peer. On Paxful you buy from other people, not a corporation. Click here to read more about How Paxful Works


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