What is bitcoin?

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Bitcoin is a way to send money like sending email.

To use bitcoin you need a bitcoin wallet. When you join Paxful you get a safe and super simple bitcoin wallet to use. Every bitcoin wallet works with every other wallet. You get a bitcoin address with your wallet which you give to people who you want to send you money just as you would with an email address. You can send bitcoin to them as well and see all transactions just like your online banking.

You can use bitcoin to buy things online from many websites that accept bitcoin such as and many more. OpenBazaar is an app that lets you run your own store like ebay which you control 100% and it uses bitcoin.

The hardest thing about bitcoin is getting your first bitcoin. If you do not have a bank account then Paxful is the best place to get your first bitcoin. At Paxful you buy bitcoin from Paxful vendors which are people just like you who sell their bitcoin at a profit. This is because they accept many different forms of payments like gift cards, Western Union, cash and much more. When you decide on a way to pay and find a good deal then follow the instructions the vendor gives you and you will have bitcoins to your wallet in minutes.

A history of bitcoin from the very start.

Once you’ve got your first bitcoin be sure to secure your account with 2FA and a good password on both your Paxful account and the email account you connected it too.

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